Board Minutes: September 15, 2010, 11:30 – 1:00 PM

Cowlitz County Community Network
Board Meeting
CWCOG Meeting Room

Present: Ben Harrison, Frank Hoetker, Shannon McLain, Ray VanTongeren, Sybil Sides, Julia Bishop, Jenna Anderson, Sharon Weinhold

Excused: Barbara Skreen, Gena James

Quorum: Present

Welcome and Introductions:  Ben Harrison, Board Chairman, opened the meeting and welcomed Jenna Anderson, a new fiduciary board member and Sharon Weinhold, program coordinator.

Additions to the Agenda:  None

August 18, 2010 Minutes:
Ray VanTongeren noted a misspelling of his last name.  Correction was made.
Motion to approve as amended-Frank Hoetker, Second-Ray VanTongeren: Approved

Coordinator Reports: Sharon Weinhold reported that she is getting familiar with the network and Cowlitz network procedures. She met with the fiscal agent and found her to be very helpful. She is looking forward to working with the board and participating in accomplishing the network goals.

Application Requests:  Ben Harrison said Carlos Carreon, Director of Cowlitz County Health and Human Services, was interested in receiving an application form for either he or a member of his staff to become a board member. Ben was uncertain if the application form had been provided. Ben said he had a letter that outlined the board member duties and responsibilities and suggested he adjust it and include it with the application form.  Sharon Weinhold will work with Ben to adjust the letter and provide an application form to Carlos.  Shannon McLain recommended that the letter and form be hand delivered.

Network Leadership Retreat:
Registration forms for the 11th Annual Family Policy Council Network Leadership Retreat are due September 15, 2010.  The retreat will be held Monday, September 27 through Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at the Warm Beach Conference Center in Stanwood WA.

Five Cowlitz Community Network members expressed an interest in participating in the retreat. They are Ben Harrison, Ray VanTongeren, Sybil Sides, Julia Bishop, and Sharon Weinhold.  Ben confirmed sufficient funds are available. The cost is $75 per person.

Ray made a motion that the Network pay for the retreat and the members carpool to the retreat. Frank amended the motion by adding that we identify a point person to ensure the participants take notes at the retreat and report back to the board. Julia Bishop volunteered to be the point person. Shannon amended the motion adding that if the participants carpool, the Network should pay the driver mileage ($.505/mile) to cover their costs.  Motion as amended twice to approve-Shannon; second-Frank: Approved.

Elevator Speech:
Frank Hoetker presented a well thought out proposal on how board members should respond to the question, “What is the Cowlitz Community Network?” The members agreed this is very important and are very appreciative of Frank’s efforts. The goal is for the Network to have: a tag line to be included on Network correspondence, meeting agenda, meeting minutes, and other documents; and an “elevator speech” to respond to the question, “What is the Cowlitz Community Network?”  After considerable discussion, Shannon McLain suggested we email the presentation to the members, give the members an opportunity to review it before the next meeting, and vote on it at the next meeting. Ben Harrison added that he would like a commitment from the members to either concur with the presentation or provide recommended changes.. The members agreed. Frank will email the presentation to Sharon Weinhold. Sharon will email the presentation to the members along with tag lines and mission statements from other Networks to give more perspective.

As part of our marketing to the community, Frank suggested the members have badges.  Julia Bishop offered the elevator speech could be included on the back of the badge. Sybil Sides suggested the name of the organization be on the badge, without individual names. This would allow the badges to be used longer. The board members agreed and asked Sharon to research prices for badges.

Grant Committee:
Ben Harrison summarized the status of the Network grant request. The Network submitted a Letter of Interest to the Northwest Health Foundation (NWHF) in June and has been invited to submit a full proposal.  The proposal is due on October 1, 2010. Partners are the Highlands Neighborhood Association and Cowlitz County Health and Human Services. David Rebanal, NWHF, is tentatively scheduled to visit our office on September 20 at 10AM to tell us more about the Fund’s priorities, provide feedback on our Letter of Interest, and answer any questions.  Board members were invited to participate in the site visit and a working session after the visit. Ben stated we are behind the power curve and must move forward quickly to complete the proposal on time.

There was considerable discussion about the grant, the role of the partners, whether we could add partners, and the role of the members during the visit and proposal writing. Sharon Weinhold said she would email the grant application instructions and Letter of Interest to the members for review prior to the site visit and try to provide a start point for each of the sections. Board member input will be very important for a successful proposal.

Shannon McLain made a motion that if the meeting takes longer than two hours, the Network should provide lunch.  Second-Frank: Approved.

Policies and Procedures Committee:
Shannon McLain is continuing to work on the policies and procedures.  They will include an Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct.

Committee Participation:

Ben Harrison.
New member of the Storm Water Advisory Committee of Longview.
Belongs to the Woodland Rotary.

Frank Hoetker.
Discussed the Daybreak mural and distributed bookmarks that tell the Daybreak story. The bookmarks are available at libraries, Woodland and Longview High Schools, prevention interventions, etc.  Bookmarks are permanent. Frank also has a large poster of the Daybreak mural that he uses in his presentations. He is talking to businesses about resurrecting the mural at their location. Shannon asked if businesses would get a tax write off.
Attends the Longview Anti-Drug Coalition meetings.

Sharon Weinhold.
Participates in Highlands Neighborhood Association meetings. Good source of potential board members.
Volunteers for Healthy Homes Program, an asthma prevention program.
Works with the Cowlitz County Housing Forum that includes landlords and tenants and provides free presentations to the public on housing issues.

Jenna Anderson.
As part of position at Progress Center, involved with Phoenix House.  Working on contract with early Head Start. Also, working on a program that is tracking learning in children.

Shannon McLain.
Works to transition students with disabilities into productive endeavors.
Participates on Longview School District committee.
Mentioned a new room at LifeWorks devoted and open to parents with autistic children.
Pursuing a Certificate to help people work without reducing their Social Security. Title of Certificate is Community Work Incentive Coordinator (CWIC).

Julia Bishop.
Participates on Regional Trails Committee. Trying to expand trails and get property easements.
Member of Fair Board. 2010 fair attendance was up, finances improved from when people had to pay to attend.
New AmeriCorps team started. She is AmeriCorp part time and works with the United Way part time.
Worked with Highlands Neighborhood Association on Board Training.

Ray VanTongeren.
Walks kids to school two days a week.
Volunteers with breakfast program at Kessler Elementary School.
Serves on the recruitment committee for the Leadership Academy.
Works with Longview City Council and Planning Commission.
Worked with Kiwanis on Fair Parking. Funds go to kids programs.

Sybil Sides.
Continues personal contacts and links within the community.

Meeting Adjourned:

Next Meeting October 20, 2010

Minutes Action Items:
Decision on Cowlitz Community Network tag line and answer to the question, “What is the Cowlitz Community Network?”

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