Board Minutes: October 20, 2010, 11:30 – 1:00 PM

Cowlitz County Community Network
Board Meeting
CWCOG Meeting Room

Present: Ben Harrison, Jenna Anderson, Julia Bishop, Frank Hoetker, Sybil Sides, Barbara Skreen, Ray VanTongeren, Sharon Weinhold

Excused:  Gena James; Shannon McLain

Quorum: Present

Welcome and Introductions:  Ben Harrison, Board Chairman, opened the meeting and welcomed and thanked the Board members for their attendance and participation.

Additions to the Agenda:  None

September 15, 2010 Minutes:
Jenna noted her committee participation comments were not captured correctly and suggested several changes. Motion to approve as amended-Frank, Second-Sybil: Approved

Elevator Speech/Tag Line: Sharon presented several elevator speech/tag line options for review.  They were:

1- “Cowlitz Community Network is a Community-based organization that provides collaborative access to resources available in Cowlitz County for helping at-risk youth and families achieve a better quality of life”

2- “Cowlitz Community Network brings the community together and creates opportunities to help at-risk youth and families succeed”

3- “Cowlitz Community Network brings the community together and builds capacity to help
at-risk youth and families succeed”

4- “Cowlitz Community Network brings the community together and strengthens its ability to help at-risk youth and families succeed”
After considerable discussion, a motion was made to approve option 2, with the caveat that Sharon add 3-4 sub-bullets to clarify the “opportunities”-Frank, second Julia: Approved.

Badges:  Julia displayed several sample badges (different sizes, holders, clips, etc.), and addressed the ease of creating and cost of each. Sharon showed a proposed sample badge titled COWLITZ COMMUNITY NETWORK (attached), with the Washington State Family Policy Council logo, and the verbiage “Helping at-risk families and children succeed.” After discussion, it was determined that preferred verbiage is “Community Partnerships helping at-risk youth and families.” The members also addressed the style of the badge and agreed on a horizontal badge that can be laminated internally. Motion to approve Sharon’s sample badge with the new wording and horizontal, laminated style. Sharon will purchase the materials needed for the badges and Julia will laminate them. The elevator speech/tag line will be on the back of the badge.-Frank, Second-Sybil: Approved.

Network Leadership Retreat:
Ben, Sybil, Julia, and Sharon attended the Network Leadership retreat on September 27 – 28 at the Warm Beach Conference Center in Stanwood WA. Ray was registered, but was unable to attend due to illness. The attendees provided feedback to the Board on the presentations and discussions at the retreat.

All of the attendees thought the retreat was very valuable. Getting together and sharing information with the other networks, and having time to meet with and discuss our grant proposal with the Washington State Family Policy Council staff was extremely beneficial. The discussion at the retreat on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) was interesting, and the results of a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Kaiser Permanente were enlightening. Washington State is a leader in the study of ACEs and is beginning to use the study results to analyze relationships and outcomes. While at the retreat, Ben created a blog for the networks to communicate privately in group discussion mode to share ideas and discuss issues. The blog address is:  Thanks to Ben, the network also is on facebook. You can find the link to it on the blogspot webpage posted above. For people with a facebook account, log into facebook and then navigate to the page and click “like”.  When 25 people click on the like button, Ben will be able to make a permanent site name “”.

Coordinator Reports:
Business Cards.  Sharon presented four sample business cards (attached) for the members’ review and comment. After looking at each, the members preferred option 4 with two changes. The address line will state “Cowlitz” Community Network, and the verbiage will state “Community Partnerships helping at-risk youth and families.” The cost for 1,000 black and white business cards is $60; the cost for 1,000 color business cards is $80. Each member would be given business cards to use at events or meetings. Julia suggested we look at Vista Point, an online service for business cards that is fast, easy, and inexpensive. Sharon and Julia will check out Vista Point. A question was raised as to whether we needed approval to use the Family Policy Council logo on the badges and business cards. Sharon will check with the Family Policy Council to get their position on using their logo on our badges and business cards. Motion to approve business card option 4 as modified and after confirmation on use of the Washington State Family Policy Council logo -Frank, second, Sybil: Approved.

Road Show/Info Cards:
There was agreement that additional marketing materials are needed to get the word out about the Network in the community. There was discussion on whether the next step should be to prepare a road show briefing package on the Network, who we are and what we do, or if we should prepare a more concise message on an information card or bookmark. The road show package would be used to make presentations to community groups, e.g., the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, or Lions. The information card or bookmark would be used at events and would contain some facts about the network and contact information. The members agreed both are needed, but the next step should be the bookmark. Motion for Sharon to proceed with developing a prototype bookmark for presentation at the next meeting-Frank, second-Julia: Approved.

Board Member Recruitment Strategy:
The Cowlitz Community Network may not receive the Northwest Health Foundation capacity building grant funding requested, but we need to be ready for the funding if we do receive grant approval. Considerable effort will be needed to complete all that we want to do with the grant funding, and expanding the board membership would help us accomplish our goals. Grant partners are the Highlands Neighborhood Association and the Cowlitz County Health Department, and it is appropriate that these organizations have a member on the board. The board member from the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Department stepped aside, at least temporarily, and it would be appropriate to extend an invitation to him to return or ask if we should invite another person from the Sheriff’s Department or Longview Police Department to become a board member. In the grant request, it was stated there would be a focus on reaching out to the tribe, and it would be fitting to invite someone from the tribe to sit on the board. There was some discussion on the board application form and whether all of the information, e.g., family income levels, was needed. Motion to invite the Highlands Neighborhood Association, Cowlitz County Health Department, Longview Police Department, and Cowlitz Tribe to have a member on the board. Sharon will draft letters for Ben’s signature to each of these organizations inviting them to have a member on the board. Ben will contact the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Department, Mark Nelson, to see if he would like to remain a member or invite another person from the Sheriff’s Department or Longview Police Department to become a board member. Ben also will ask the other Networks about their application forms so we can determine if our form should be revised-Frank, second-Ray: Approved.

In-Kind Time Sheets:
Board member in-kind contributions are a significant and important part of the Network operations, and we currently do not have a way to track in-kind contributions. Sharon handed out a proposed Network Monthly In-Kind Report for the members’ review. The report would list the board members name, date, time, and brief summary of the in-kind activity. Questions were raised as to what qualifies as an “in-kind activity.” Some of the items mentioned were board meetings, committee meetings, Network sponsored activities, such as training sessions and cafes, and anything performed in connection with the Network. Motion to approve the form, with instructions on due dates and description of what qualifies as an “in-kind activity,” and email to board members-Frank, second-Ray: Approved.

Committee Reports:
Grant Committee. Ben reported that he personally delivered the Northwest Health Foundation grant proposal on time. He has received one question on the title of the proposal and answered it. The Northwest Health Foundation will announce the grant approvals on December 1, 2010.

Policies and Procedures Committee. In Shannon’s absence, Ben reported on the status of the Network policies and procedures. Shannon is passionate about developing policies and procedures that are appropriate for the Network, e.g., personnel, code of ethics, etc. The members asked if there were draft policies and procedures to review, and Ben responded that they are more in the thinking stage. Jenna offered to bring Progress Center policies and procedures to the next meeting so we can use them as an example. Ben will connect with the other Networks via the blog to ask if they will share their policies and procedures.

Committee Participation:

Ben Harrison.
Storm Water Advisory Committee of Longview continues its work.
Woodland Rotary member.

Frank Hoetker.
Scheduled to do a testimonial for Lifeline Connections on October 29.
Swanson Bark has a blank wall facing the freeway, and they agreed to have the Daybreak mural on the wall. Frank encouraged the board members to let him know if they see blank walls around the county that might be appropriate for the mural.

Ray VanTongeren.
Mentioned the Leadership Academy has postponed their classes for a year. There were only a few applications, probably due to the economy and cost of attending. Ray plans to look at Vancouver’s Leadership Academy to see what they offer.
Will volunteer at the day-long Youth Summit next week. The summit provides sessions for at-risk youth in the community.

Julia Bishop.
Discussed opportunities to participate in shaping Cowlitz County’s future by attending one of the public workshops to revamp the comprehensive plan. The first workshop is in Longview on October 21, 2010, and two other workshops are scheduled for next week in Woodland and Castle Rock.
Encouraged attendance at the monthly Coordinating Council meeting on October 21, held in the Altrusa Room at CAP. It is a good opportunity to share information and learn what other agencies and organizations are doing.
Stated the Child Psychiatry & Early Learning Coalition is very supportive of the work of the Network and is interested in partnering with the Network on the Northwest Health Foundation grant.

Sharon Weinhold.
Discussed a presentation on Coordinated School Health, given by Margaret Hansen, from the Washington State Department of Health. The Coordinated School Health model focus is on kids, health, and learning. It recognizes that healthy students learn better, and that academic success is an excellent indicator for the overall well-being of youth, and is a primary predictor and determinant of adult health outcomes. Coordinated School Health has 8 interactive components, many of which tie closely with the adverse childhood experiences. Coordinated School Health is funded, and the Longview School District is participating.  It looks like a great partnership opportunity for the Network.

Meeting Adjourned:

Next Meeting November 17, 2010

Minutes Action Items:
Add sub-bullets to the Elevator Speech/Tag Line (Sharon).
Purchase materials and prepare Network badges (Sharon and Julia).
Procure Business Cards, after checking Vista Point and getting confirmation that it is OK to use the Washington State Family Policy Council logo (Sharon and Julia).
Prepare a prototype bookmark that includes a concise message about the Network for review at the next board meeting (Sharon).
Draft letters for the Chairman’s signature to invite the Highlands Neighborhood Association, Cowlitz County Health Department, Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Department or Longview Police Department, and Cowlitz Tribe to have a member on the board. (Sharon) Contact Mark Nelson, Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Department, to see if he would like to remain a member or if we should invite another person from the Sheriff’s Department or Longview Police Department to become a board member. (Ben) Ask other Networks about their application forms to determine if our application form should be revised. (Ben)
Send the Network Monthly In-Kind Report with instructions on due dates and description of what qualifies as an “in-kind activity to Board Members. (Sharon)
Bring Progress Center Policies and Procedures for review as examples at the next board meeting. (Jenna)

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