Board Minutes: November 17, 2010, 11:30 – 1:00 PM

Cowlitz County Community Network
Board Meeting
CWCOG Meeting Room

Present: Ben Harrison, Jenna Anderson, Frank Hoetker, Gena James, Sybil Sides, Ray VanTongeren, Sharon Weinhold

Excused:  Julia Bishop

Unexcused: Barbara Skreen

Quorum: Present

Welcome and Introductions:  Ben Harrison, Board Chairman, opened the meeting, welcomed the Board members, and thanked them for their attendance. Ben announced that Shannon McLain has submitted her resignation from the Board to be effective immediately.

Additions to the Agenda:  None

October 20, 2010 Minutes: Motion to approve: Ray; Second: Sybil. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Elevator Speech/Tag Line: At the October meeting, the Board approved the following elevator speech/tag line.

“Cowlitz Community Network brings the community together and creates opportunities to help at-risk youth and families succeed”

The Board Members suggested the tag line be included in the back of the Board member badges. Frank had asked for more discussion on the “opportunities” at this board meeting. Sharon presented bullet opportunities — Share Information, Answer Questions, Find Help, Provide Support, Partner with Schools, Conduct Research. Frank asked if we could include a bullet on Educate. Sybil suggested we replace Answer Questions. Ben recommended we highlight the opportunities by placing the word opportunities perpendicular to the bullet list. Sharon will make those changes and prepare the badges for the next meeting.

Sharon mentioned several specific upcoming opportunities and relevant events and invited Board Member participation. These are no-cost events, but require and RSVP. Sharon will send an email to Board Members describing in more detail each of the opportunities listed below.

– Let’s Draw the Line between youth and alcohol. There are two opportunities. One is in coordination with the Youth and Family Link involving Longview and Kelso. The other opportunity is in coordination with the Cowlitz Substance Abuse Coalition (Brian McCrady) involving Kalama and Woodland. Board members will be apprised as the specific events are planned and invited to participate. CSAC and Longview/Kelso will apply for grant funding for these events, which must be completed by March 31, 2011.

– Youth Suicide Prevention Program Training and Conversation. Mary Jadwisiak, field coordinator for the Youth Suicide Prevention Program will discuss the free resources available to Cowlitz County through the Youth Suicide Prevention Program and provide training on youth suicide prevention. Participants will discuss ways everyone and anyone can work together to keep Cowlitz County youth safe from suicide.  Monday, November, 29, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, PUD Building.

– Wahkiakum Network Café. This is an opportunity for Board Members and staff to meet the Wahkiakum Network coordinators and Board and see how their network operates. Wednesday, December 1, 6:00pm – 8:00pm. River Street Meeting Room, 25 River Street, Cathlamet.

– Regional Financial Education Forum.  Sponsored by CAP and Jump$tart Washington. Jump$tart Washington is a coalition, comprised of individuals, non-profit and governmental agencies and the corporate sector, who have joined together to improve the personal financial literacy of Washington youth. Thursday, January 6, 8:30am – 11:00am, Red Lion.

Coordinator Reports:

Business Cards. Business cards were distributed to the Board Members.

Badges. Board Member badges will be completed with amended opportunities added to the back of the card and distributed at the next Board meeting.

Network Monthly In-Kind Report. In-Kind Report forms were distributed to the Board Members. Several questions were answered regarding the types of activities that are considered to be in-kind. Ben stated that anything performed in connection with the Network would count as in-kind. He said if the Network is not mentioned during a meeting or activity, it is probably not in-kind for the Network. He added that it may be appropriate to wear two hats and have some or all of the time count as in-kind for the Network. Frank mentioned that he tried to complete the report on his computer and could not because of the way the cells are formatted. Sharon will reformat the cells and email the adjusted form to the Board Members.

Board Member Recruitment Letters and Updated Application Form: Proposed invitation letters to join the Board were handed out for review. The invitations will go to Liz Haeck, Highlands Neighborhood Association; Cindy Lopez-Werth, Longview Police Department Satellite Office; Maggie Miller, Cowlitz Tribe; and April Isaacson, Cowlitz County Health and Human Services. An updated Board Application Form, Network Bylaws, and information on what is an Adverse Childhood Experience will be included with the invitation letters.

The members discussed the updated Board Application Form and agreed the personal information on the previous form should be eliminated. There was some discussion on the term “fiduciary”, and whether an applicant would understand its meaning. Sharon agreed to find a definition of fiduciary and add it to the form if appropriate. After additional discussion, Ben signed the invitation letters. Sharon will get them to the invitees.

Prototype Bookmark: The development of a prototype bookmark is still in process. If the Network receives Northwest Health Foundation grant funding, we will be devoting considerable effort on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). To market our ACE effort, it would be appropriate to include ACEs information on the bookmark. If we do not receive the grant funding, we may want to include other information. Sharon will work on the prototype after we receive feedback on the grant application in December.

Health Care Foundation Grant Opportunity: A local Health Care Foundation will be soliciting applications for grant funding in November 2010. The applications will be due in March 2011, and awards will be made in May 2011. This may be a good opportunity to request scholarship funding for Network sponsored ACEs training in the community. Sharon will email the application requirements to the Board Members when they are available.

Wahkiakum Community Network. Lia Sealund, Director of the Wahkiakum Community Network, has invited Cowlitz Network Board Members to attend any of their board meetings or cafes.  The Wahkiakum Community Network meets on the first Wednesday of every month. The meeting is a Networking Café on a quarterly basis (March, June, September, and December). The agendas at the cafes are unique each quarter. Other meetings are public board meeting that meet monthly (February, April, May, August, October, and November). The meetings are from 6:00pm – 8:00pm at the River Street Meeting Room, 25 River Street, Cathlamet.  Lia said she is happy to partner with us and offer any assistance we may want to help our Network succeed.

Committee Reports:
Policies and Procedures Committee. Jenna brought a copy of the Progress Center policies and procedures manual to the meeting. She highlighted certain sections of the manual, e.g., administrative, personnel, fiscal, recruitment of members, etc. that may be relevant to the Network. Ben suggested a committee be formed to review the policies and procedures and asked for volunteers. Ben, Frank, Jenna, and Sharon volunteered. Ben recommended that Jenna send the relevant chapters electronically to him for further distribution, and the committee members review them.  Ben thought the committee could work electronically as much as possible rather than meet in person. Frank suggested we contact Sasha and ask her if she was aware of any policies and procedures at the other Networks and the Wahkiakum Community Network and ask them about their policies and procedures. Jenna will email the relevant chapters incrementally to Ben for further distribution for the committee to review. Sharon will contact Sasha and the Wahkiakum Community Network.

Committee Participation:

Ben Harrison.
Met with Frank to discuss a Draw the Line competition around the mural.
Attends Woodland Rotary meetings. Ben has good Rotary contacts that may be useful for the second Draw the Line effort in Kalama and Woodland.
Started a “Geek Meet” that can find ways geeks can give back to the community or leverage more.

Frank Hoetker.
Met with Ben on the Draw the Line competition.
Scheduled to do a testimonial for the Cowlitz Tribe on December 2.
Met with Woodland Coalition.

Ray VanTongeren.
Volunteered at the Youth Summit. Turnout was good; feedback was positive; keynote speaker was great. Over 200 kids attended.
Stated the 10 year grant funding for the Cowlitz Substance Abuse Coalition is about out of time and money. They are looking for other grant opportunities, but competition is very tough.
Gena James.
Mentioned a planned birth – three coalition event in spring. Focus will be developing healthy habits for kids. Target is the community. Thought we may be able to partner with this event.

Meeting Adjourned:

Next Meeting December 15, 2010

Minutes Action Items:
Amend bullet opportunities and finalize badges for distribution at the next meeting. (Sharon)
Email specific opportunities/events to Board Members. (Sharon)
Provide an update on the Draw the Line events when more details are available. (Sharon)
Reformat the In-Kind Report so entries can be made online. (Sharon)
Distribute the invitation letters to the potential new Board Members. (Sharon)
Prepare a prototype bookmark after getting feedback on our Northwest Health Foundation Grant application. (Sharon)
Email the Health Care Foundation Grant application to Board Members when it becomes available. (Sharon)
Email the relevant Progress Center chapters to Ben for further distribution. (Jenna)  Contact Sasha to determine if she has any information on good policies and procedures. (Sharon)  Contact the Wahkiakum Network to see if they have policies and procedures they would be willing to share. (Sharon)

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