Board Minutes: December 15, 2010, 11:00 – 1:00 PM

Cowlitz County Community Network
Board Meeting
CWCOG Meeting Room

Present: Ray VanTongeren, Julia Bishop, Elizabeth Haeck, Frank Hoetker, Gena James, Sybil Sides, Barbara Skreen, Sharon Weinhold,

Excused: Jenna Anderson, Ben Harrison

Quorum: Present

Welcome and Introductions:  Ray VanTongeren, Vice Chairman, opened the meeting, welcomed the attendees, and thanked them for their participation. He reminded everyone that we will be participating in a Family Policy Council scheduled conference call on the budget at 12:00 noon today.

Additions to the Agenda:  None

November 17, 2010 Minutes: Motion to approve: Frank; Second: Gena. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Northwest Health Foundation Grant Results and Way Ahead:

Northwest Health Foundation. As of this time, the Network has not received any formal feedback on the results of our Northwest Health Foundation grant application.

Health Care Foundation Grant. The Health Care Foundation recently released their 2011 grant application package. Upon reviewing the package, it is apparent this grant is only for 501c(3) organizations. Since the network is not a 501c(3) organization, it is not eligible to apply for this grant. The Network is considered a governmental special purpose district organization and is not a nonprofit organization.

Financial Report. The financial status of the Network as of November 30, 2010 and estimated through December 31, 2010 is shown on the next page. Admin costs include the costs for rent, internet, phone, audit, and the fiscal agent. Non Admin costs include coordinator salary, postage, copies, advertising, retreat, and training.   Of concern, is the large uncommitted balance, $16,128. This balance must be spent by June 30, 2011 or will be lost. We must develop a six-month plan to spend the money wisely, and for purposes that ultimately benefit the community and show positive outcomes.

Categories    Budget    Thru December 2010    Balance    % Spent
Admin Costs(10%)    3530    1,458*         41%
Non Admin Costs    31770
Committed    (15642)    5208
Uncommitted    (16128)
Totals    35300    6666    28634    19%
*Admin Costs do not include the Audit costs just invoiced of $471.60

Board members brainstormed ideas for participation, partnering, and using the uncommitted funds in the next six months. Some of the ideas discussed are listed below:

Draw the Line.  Two groups – the Cowlitz Substance Abuse Coalition and the Longview Anti-Drug Coalition – have each received $1,000 for this event. The Network plans to participate in and support these two events.

Youth Suicide Prevention Program. Youth Suicide Prevention Program (YSPP) field coordinator for Cowlitz and Clark Counties, Mary Jadwisiak, conducted training in November and would like to form a community group or coalition in Cowlitz County that meets monthly. She has invited the Network to join the coalition. The goal is to develop a plan to address youth suicide in Cowlitz County. The next YPSS meeting is scheduled for December 27, 2010 at the Youth and Family Link Office.

Darby’s Story.  Frank has been getting numerous requests for his testimonial and is receiving very positive feedback. In February 2011, he has three testimonials scheduled. The question was raised as to whether the Network can partner with Frank at the testimonials. The goal would be to raise visibility of Frank’s successful efforts and the Network, and lend support. Liz said she is interested in having Frank give his testimonial in the Highlands.

ACE Training. The Family Policy Council (FPC) has prepared an ACE training presentation and plans to use ACE Training to get the word out about ACE. The presentation is going through a final edit and will be posted on the FPC website soon. Trainers will be available to lend support or the training can be obtained online. There will be a $25 / person fee for the training.  Providing training in Cowlitz County would be an excellent way to support FPC and give information on ACE to the community. The Network could offer scholarships to those who would like the training but are unable to pay.

Highlands Neighborhood. There are many interesting partnership opportunities for the Network in the Highlands. A Boy Scout Troop is forming and other family activities are taking place or planned.

Town Hall Meeting. Hold a Town Hall meeting in partnership with the Cowlitz Substance Abuse Coalition, Cowlitz Meth Action Team, and Longview Anti-Drug Coalition. Frank could present his testimonial and the other organizations could make presentations.

Early Learning Coalition and Child Psychiatry Coalition. Partner with the Early Learning Coalition and Child Psychiatry Coalition on their April event. Possibly invite Dr. Anda to give a presentation on his ACE research.
Sharon suggested that we must market the Network’s efforts to the FPC and community, and show them that we are an active, viable Network. For example, we should take pictures at events, get publicity by inviting the Daily News, prepare Press Releases, and possibly work with KLTV.  Barbara noted that everyone does not get the Daily News and we should consider other venues. Frank recommended we consider the Lewis River Review, and said he has a point of contact there. Julia said the Valley Bugler is another possible venue. Sharon stated that we must be able to document results or outcomes from our efforts. Everyone should keep track of feedback, stories, highlights, and numbers so we can show the Network’s activities and successes.

A Planning Committee was formed to present a plan for participation, partnering, and using the uncommitted funds to the Board at the January meeting.

Coordinator Reports:

Call for In-Kind Time Sheets. It is important that Board members document their in-kind contributions.  Members were encouraged to complete an In-Kind Time Sheet and leave it at the close of the meeting.

Audit Results. The Washington State Auditor issued the results of their independent audit of the Network from January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2009. The auditors found no violation of state laws or weakness in internal controls.

Status of Board Member Recruitment Letters/Applications. After the last meeting, invitation letters to join the Board were sent to Liz Haeck, Highlands Neighborhood Association; Cindy Lopez-Werth, Longview Police Department Satellite Office; Maggie Miller, Cowlitz Tribe; and April Isaacson, Cowlitz County Health and Human Services. The status of those recruitment letters/applications follows:

Liz Haeck. Completed and submitted a Board Application Form. The Board voted to approve her as a member. Ray welcomed Liz to the Board.

Cindy Lopez-Werth.  Sgt Debbie Johnson had planned to attend the December Board meeting to learn more about the Network and decide if she, Cindy, or someone else in the Longview Police Department should apply to become a member of the Board. Sgt Johnson was unable to attend the December meeting. Cindy said she plans to attend the January meeting.

Maggie Miller. Maggie said she plans to complete a Board Application Form.

April Isaacson. Cowlitz County Health and Human Services has received significant funding reductions and will have to reduce staff. April would like to wait until those staff cuts are announced before she completes a Board Application Form.

There was some discussion about whether we should invite other people to join the Board now or wait a month. Sybil said Carol LaMere had approached her about becoming a Board member. The Board members said they think Carol would be a great addition to the Board.  Ray suggested that we invite Carol to apply for Board membership and also invite the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce to provide a member. Ray will discuss this with Rick of the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce. Julia said she thought we should look to see where we have gaps in the Board membership, e.g., what representation is important but missing from the Board. A question was raised about recruiting a youth Board member. Several possibilities were discussed including a youth doing their senior project or a youth from the Highlands. Sharon will prepare invitation letters/application packages for Carol and the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce for approval at the January Board meeting. Sharon will discuss the review of gaps in Board membership further with Julia and propose how we might proceed. Sharon will review possible ways to find a youth Board member.

Yearend Reporting: Sharon passed out a form to collect yearend reporting information.  The form asks for the member’s and his/her spouse’s employment information. The information is part of the annual reporting and needed to show there is no Board member conflict of interest.

Prototype Bookmark: Three prototype bookmark proposals were presented for Board member review. Several suggestions were made during the meeting. Due to time constraints, Members were asked to take a close look at the bookmark proposals and provide comments and suggestions before the next meeting.

Badges. Badges were distributed.. Members were asked to wear their badges when they are representing the Network at events. This will help give the Network visibility.

Committee Reports:
Policies and Procedures Committee. (Ben, Frank, Jenna, Sharon)  DRAFT policies and procedures for General Administration and Personnel, and Financial have been prepared. Frank questioned whether we should have a Code of Ethics for Board members. We received Wahkiakum Community Network’s policies and procedures shortly before the Board meeting. The Wahkiakum Community Network also included a Code of Ethics for Board members. Frank wondered which of the policies and procedures were relevant to the Cowlitz Community Network.  Sharon will review the Wahkiakum County policies and procedures and Code of Ethics and provide the relevant ones to the committee members for their review.

Nominating Committee. (Ray, Frank, Sybil, Sharon) A Nominating Committee was created to present a slate of people willing and able to serve as Network Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. The slate of people will be presented to the Board for a vote at the January 2011 meeting.

Planning Committee. (Ray, Julia, Barbara, Sharon) A Planning Committee was created to present to the Board at the January 2011 meeting a six-month plan for participation, partnering, and using the uncommitted funds.

FPC Conference Call. Board members participated in the FPC Conference Call beginning at 1PM to discuss the budget. The key points from the Conference Call are summarized separately and attached to these minutes.

Meeting Adjourned:

Next Meeting January 19, 2011

Minutes Action Items:
Prepare Board member invitation letters and application package for Carol LaMere and the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce for approval/signature at the January meeting. (Sharon)  Discuss with Julia how we might approach identifying gaps on the Board membership and filling those gaps. (Sharon)  Propose ways we might find a youth Board member. (Sharon)  Talk to Rick from the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce about the Network and invitation for a Board member. (Ray)
Review prototype bookmark proposals and email comments/suggestions to Sharon before the next meeting. (ALL)
Review Wahkiakum Community Network’s policies and procedures and identify those that are relevant to the Cowlitz Community Network. Email those that are relevant to Policy and Procedures Committee members. (Sharon)

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