Board Minutes: January 19, 2011, 11:30 – 1:00 PM

Cowlitz County Community Network
Board Meeting
CWCOG Meeting Room

Present: Ben Harrison, Jenna Anderson, Elizabeth Haeck, Frank Hoetker, Gena James, Sybil Sides, Barbara Skreen, Sharon Weinhold, and special guests Carmella Bender, Cindy Lopez Werth, and Ashley Scott

Excused: Julia Bishop, Ray VanTongeren

Quorum: Present

Welcome and Introductions:  Ben Harrison, Chairman, opened the meeting, welcomed the attendees and guests, and thanked them for their attendance.

Additions to the Agenda:  None

December 15, 2010 Minutes: Frank noted an error on the name of the Lewis River Review. Motion to approve minutes with correction: Sybil; Second: Liz. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Election of Board Officers: Sybil presented the recommendations of the Nominating Committee. The Committee nominated Ben Harrison for Chairman, Ray VanTongeren for Vice Chairman, and Julia Bishop for Secretary. A question was raised as to whether all of the nominees had been contacted and had agreed to serve in the position nominated for. Sybil responded that to her knowledge Julia had not been contacted. After discussion, the Board Members voted on the positions of Chairman and Vice Chairman. The vote was unanimous for Ben Harrison as Chairman and Ray VanTongeren as Vice Chairman.

2011 Budget:

Financial Report thru December 31, 2010. The Network receives funding for a two year period. The budget currently funds July 2009 – June 2011. The Network is in the last six months of this two-year budget. The Network Board must approve a six month budget for the period January through June 2011. Funds available for the six month period are $28,598.85. Of this amount, $8,901.00 is budgeted for direct labor, $78.49 for Department of Labor & Industries, $1,105.57 for Medicare/Social Security, and $18,513.79 for other expenses. Of the $18,513.79, $16,128 is uncommitted. The funds must be used by June 30 or returned to the Family Policy Council.

Possible Budget Expenditures. The Board made no changes to the proposed January – June 2011 budget, and discussed a preliminary list of ways to use the uncommitted amount of $16,128.  The list included items that can be completed by June 30, 2011, involve the Network or assist Network operations, are activities that reflect the Network mission, and have positive benefits for the community.  The goal is to be able to show the positive results of these expenditures to the Community, Family Policy Council, and the Public Private Partnership. The list of items, estimated costs, and prioritization by the Board are shown below.

Possible Budget Expenditures
Description    Cost    Priority
ACE Training (facility space, trainers, set up, refreshments)    1500    H
ACE Scholarships (100) for professionals to get CEUs    2500    H
ACE unique data for Cowlitz County from DSHS    2500    L
Network Website / setup & host and maintain for 3 years    1000    H
Network Brochures    500    H
Network Bookmarks    100    H
Network Laptop and Projector    1200    H
Network Board Training    2000    H
Network Benchmarking    100    M
Partnership — Frank’s Testimonials    400    H
Partnership — Youth Suicide Prevention Program Forum    500    H
Partnership — Highlands Neighborhood    1000    H
Partnership — Cowlitz Tribe    500    H
Partnership — Draw the Line    200    H
Wikki Asset Mapping Data Base    2000    H

TOTAL    16000

Frank suggested we combine the Partnerships and consider them to be Town Hall Meetings or Cafes, and the Network should sponsor one at least semi-annually.

The costs of the Network Website and Wikki Asset Mapping Data Base were questioned and Ben volunteered to research those items and report back. Liz said it is very important to complete the Wikki Asset Mapping Data Base, because the Board of County Commissioners had approved funds to complete this project and we have yet to deliver a completed product.

There were questions on the ACE unique data for Cowlitz County, what data was needed, and how it would be used. A committee (Ben, Frank, Barb, Sybil, Liz, Ashley, and Sharon) will be convened to discuss this further.

Liz and Cindy said a Network partnership would fit very well with a Highlands Neighborhood Association and Longview Police Department proposal titled “Highlands Neighborhood Matters.”  Highlands Neighborhood Matters will provide opportunities for community organizations to share information about matters that affect Highland’s residents and others. It was suggested that ACEs could be a topic of discussion, since Highlands residents have a high number of ACEs.

Frank suggested the possibility of using some funds for scholarships for the winning school in the Let’s Draw the Line mural design contest that is planned. He also said funds could be used for his compasses and a brochure to be given out at testimonials.

After considerable discussion, a motion was made by Liz to approve the list as long as funding designations could be adjusted if necessary. Sybil seconded the motion.
The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Coordinator Reports:

Call for In-Kind Timesheets.  Members were encouraged to complete an In-Kind Time Sheet and leave it at the close of the meeting. It is important that Board members document their in-kind contributions.

Status of Board Member Recruitment Letters/Applications.
Board application forms had been sent to Cindy Lopez Werth, Longview Police Department; April Isaacson, Cowlitz County Health and Human Services; and Maggie Miller, Cowlitz Tribe. Additionally, it was suggested that Board application packages be sent to Carol LaMere, the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce, and a Youth Leader. Sharon reported on the status of the application packages.

Cindy Lopez Werth.  Cindy attended and participated in this Board meeting. She and her supervisor, Sgt Debbie Johnson, will determine whether there is sufficient time available for Debbie or Cindy to join the Board.

Maggie Miller. Maggie said she will have to spend more time at her desk this year, and does not think she will apply for Board membership at this time.

April Isaacson. Cowlitz County Health and Human Services received significant funding reductions and reduced staff accordingly. Workload is being adjusted. April would like to wait until the workload adjustments are made before she completes a Board Application Form.

Carol LaMere. Carol is a retired nurse and has expressed an interest in joining the Board. An application package was prepared and signed, and is ready to be mailed.

Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce. At Ray’s suggestion to invite someone from the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce, an application package was prepared and signed. Ray had agreed to speak with Rick at the Chamber to determine interest. Ray was not at this Board meeting and the result of any discussion was not available.

Ashley Scott. A youth candidate was found in Ashley Scott. She is a student at LCC and taking classes in Chemical Dependency. She is very interested in joining the Board and submitted an application package that will be reviewed and voted on at the next meeting.

Carmella Bender. Carmella works at the Youth and Family Link and will be taking on some of Gena’s duties while she is on leave. Carmella plans to apply to be the Link alternate Board member.

Board Membership Gaps. At the last meeting a suggestion was made to determine what representation is important but missing from the Network Board. Sharon prepared a matrix that listed each Board member and the fiduciary and non-fiduciary representation areas shown in the Network Bylaws. Each Board member identified the area(s) they represented. The gaps were in Chamber of Commerce, Education/School Board, Community Government, Tribe, Health Provider, Media Connections, and City/County. Ben said he will determine the interest of a school district or school board representative he knows in joining the Board.  Ben also has a contact at KLTV who may be interested in joining the Board. Ray had indicated he would speak with Rick at the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce to determine interest in Board membership.

ACEs 101. Sharon briefly discussed a DRAFT power point presentation that addresses ACEs at a general level. The goal of the presentation is for Board members to have information to discuss ACEs with their various groups. The presentation can be adjusted to fit the audience. Notes were provided for each slide. Frank asked that the presentation be distributed electronically to the Board members for their review, suggestions, and ways to better fit their audiences.

Prototype Bookmark. The prototype bookmark proposal was presented for Board member review. Cindy suggested adding a logo or color to the bookmark so it wasn’t only words. Ben agreed to help with color. Frank suggested the bookmark be sent out again to the Board members after the logo or color is added.

Coalition and Committee Participation Reports:

Ben Harrison.
Geek Meet is growing and now has five people who are interested in finding ways geeks can give back to the community.
Continues to participate in the Woodland Rotary and other community service clubs.

Frank Hoetker.
Has given, scheduled or is planning numerous testimonials, including Loowit Alternative High School, Woodland High School, Kalama High School, Drug Court, and Juvenile Detention Facility.
Met with the Longview Anti-Drug Coalition to discuss the Networks participation in Lets Draw the Line.

Ashley Scott.
Discussed her involvement in “Adds and Subtracts”, a project where several youth visited stores in Longview and Kelso and checked to see what was visible to youth. For example, she said pornography magazines, alcohol signs, etc. were clearly visible in some stores for anyone to see. Her goal is to educate store owners on what they are doing and for them to self adjust. If that fails, another alternative would be to try to get an ordinance prohibiting the display of those materials.
Asked for Board help in talking to store owners or getting an ordinance passed. Board members were enthusiastic about supporting this project.
Sybil Sides.
Inquired about the status of the Northwest Health Foundation (NWHF) grant. Sharon reported that we received a letter from the NWHF saying we did not receive the grant funding.
Sharon contacted David Rebanal, our Program Officer, to get feedback on our grant application. David said it was an incredibly tough year. The foundation received the most proposals ever. Many of the proposals were very strong and the process was very competitive. David said there were no glaring red flags in our proposal and the committee had no negative comments on the proposal. He summarized the strong points of the proposal:
Well written
Demonstrated lots of need
ACE study was good framework
Had strong partnerships and letters of support
David’s only suggestion was we could have shown how the proposal would translate to the community. He said not all of the panel members were cognizant on how it is to work on the ground level and how the project might benefit the community. He suggested we try to show what the result could be at the end of our work. He said he knew this was “capacity building”, and we may not know the result. He suggested we frame a story or prepare a quote from a community member on what we think the result would be if we were successful.
David said, because of the number of applications and reduced funding levels, the scope of the NWHF grants may narrow in the future. He thought there may be a new Request for Proposals and new priorities next year.

Minutes Action Items:
Research the costs of creating and maintaining a Network website. (Ben)
Research the cost of completing the Wikki Asset Mapping Data Base. (Ben)
Determine what unique ACE data is available or needed for Cowlitz County and how it will be used. (Committee – Ben, Frank, Barbara, Sybil, Liz, Ashley, Sharon)
Develop a plan for the Network to present ACE data in the Highlands. (Liz)
Mail a Board Member application package to Carol LaMere. (Sharon)
Contact the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce to determine interest in participating on the Board and receiving a Board Member application package. (Ray)
Determine interest and invite a member of a school district or school board to join the Board. (Ben)
Determine interest and invite a media representative to join the Board. (Ben)
Email the DRAFT ACE 101 power point presentation to the Board Members for their review. (Sharon)
Add a logo or color to the prototype Bookmark and email it to the Board Members for their review. (Ben and Sharon)

Meeting Adjourned:

Next Meeting February 16, 2011

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