Board Minutes: March 16, 2011, 11:30 – 1:00 PM

Cowlitz County Community Network
Board Meeting
CWCOG Meeting Room

Present: Ben Harrison, Ray Van Tongeren, Carmella Bender, Julia Bishop, Elizabeth Haeck, Frank Hoetker, Barbara Skreen, Sharon Weinhold, and special guest Cindy Lopez Werth

Excused: Ashley Scott

Unexcused:  None

Quorum: Present

Welcome and Introductions:  Ben Harrison, Chairman, welcomed the attendees, thanked them for their attendance, and asked them to introduce themselves for the record.

Additions to the Agenda:  None

February 16, 2011 Minutes: Motion to approve the minutes: Ray; Second: Frank. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Approval of Board Member Applications: Cindy Lopez Werth, representing the Longview Police Department, submitted an application to become a member of the Board. Cindy introduced herself and provided information about her background and experience. Cindy has been attending Board meetings and is well known in the community and by many of the Board members. Ben asked if she would be able to spend the time needed to attend meetings and participate in events. She responded that she will give a one year commitment and spend the time needed because she thinks this is important work. After Cindy left the room, the Board members voted unanimously to approve her as a Board member. The Board members were very excited to have Cindy as a member of the Board.

Report Out on Action Items from the February 2011 Board Meeting:
Action Items:
-Contact the FPC to get their opinion on conflict of interest. (Sharon/Ben)
– As of the day of the Board meeting, we had not received a response from Laura Porter, FPC. [Sharon subsequently reported to the Board members by email that she had received a response on March 17 from Laura Porter saying there is no conflict of interest as long as Ben does not participate in the selection of the contractor.]
-Schedule and give an ACEs presentation in the Highlands on April 20. (Liz and Julia)
– Liz stated an expert in the field of bullying was available to speak on April 20, so he was given the April 20 time slot. She will discuss this further with Julia and look at May meeting opportunities for a possible date for the ACEs presentation in the Highlands.
-Follow up with the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce to determine interest in participating on the Network Board (Ben)
-Ray reported he had given the invitation for a board member and application form to Rick. Rick passed it out, but no one responded yet. Ben added that Rick is leaving after this year and has a lot on his plate. Ben is a member of several Chambers in the County and will continue to seek a board member from the various Chambers.
-Explore feasibility of giving an ACE presentation at the Child Psychology and Learning Coalition event in April. Determine date/time/location, and suggest presenter(s).  (Julia)
– Julia and Sharon shared the plans for the April event. There will be three days of events during the week of April 10. Tuesday, April 12 is movie night; Thursday, April 14 is a forum; and Saturday, April 16 is the Conference. The Keynote speaker will talk about ACES. The presenter is Corrine Anderson-Ketchmark, RiverPlace Associates, PLLC and Executive Director Washington Association of School Social Workers. There will be a workshop session in the afternoon, also presented by Ms Anderson-Ketchmark. The Network has been invited to participate, have our logo in the marketing materials, furnish resource materials for the information packages, and help with set up/take down, etc. and contribute funding for the events.
-Contact Cathy Zimmerman at the right time to gain publicity of Network events and ACEs. (Sharon)
– Sharon said she will invite Cathy Zimmerman to an upcoming Network event.
-Complete the prototype Bookmark and send to Board members. (Ben)
– Ben brought copies of his prototype bookmark design. Overall the members were excited about the bookmark, and think it is eye catching and very effective. A couple suggestions were made on the verbiage, colors, and size of the print for the Network information. Ben shared his ideas on a Network logo. Sharon mentioned that we should get the bookmark to the printer very soon if we want to have it ready for distribution for the Week of the Young Child events. Ben stated he would have a revised bookmark the week of March 21. Frank recommended that we take the bookmarks to the libraries in Cowlitz County.
-Email pictures to Sharon so she can start work on the brochure. (Ashley/Sharon)

– Sharon said she received the pictures, several were very good, and she will begin the brochure as time permits.
-Email Strengthening Families Program to Board members. (Sharon) This event will require a lot of work and Board member support will be needed. (All Board members)
– Sharon gave an update of the Strengthening Families Program. As of March 16, 8 families had expressed an interest in participating. St Helens, Kessler, and Olympic Elementary Schools were asked to invite families that would benefit the most from the program. The first of the seven program sessions will be on March 17. Volunteers will handle childcare and other tasks, and a sign-up sheet was made available for those interested.

-Participate in YSPP planning meeting on February 28th. (Sharon)
– Carmella reported on the events planned by the Youth Suicide Prevention Program. The events include a panel in early May, and a poster contest that will be done in conjunction with the health teachers in the High Schools. The Network has been invited to have a Board member on the panel to discuss ACEs.

-Send Cindy Lopez Werth a Board Member Application Package. (Sharon)
– An application package was sent Cindy completed the package, and was voted unanimously to become a Board member.

Legislative Update:
HB1371 and SB5460., Eliminating Boards and Commissions. The Networks have been removed from these bills, and will retain their authority.

HR1965, Adverse Childhood Experiences. This bill will be modified to make it more favorable to the Networks.

Supplemental Budget/Biennial Budget. The Cowlitz Community Network budget from now until June 30, 2011, was reduced by $4,491.00. We should receive the contract amendment shortly. There still is no funding for the Networks in the biennial budget, but various efforts are in the works to get funding. The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is still a viable option for the future, but an interim, stopgap solution is needed until the PPP is in place and provides funding.


The rest of the meeting was dedicated to a review of the budget in light of the funding reduction.

Approved Expenditures:
Frank’s Testimonials. The Board previously approved $400 for this purpose. Frank has submitted an Expense Voucher for Darby’s Story Key Chains in the amount of $392.43.

Strengthening Families Program.  The Board previously approved $3,500 for this purpose (the amounts shown on the Possible Budget Expenditures for ACE unique data for Cowlitz County from DSHS and the Partnership – Highlands Neighborhood). Contracts have been awarded for facilitators, dinners, and an assessment before and after the program. There will be other miscellaneous expenses for supplies and copies for the seven sessions. Frank remarked that this is excellent training for families and asked how we could maximize the program, for example video tape the sessions and put the videos on our website. Sharon stated that the program is copyrighted. She added that we are taking pictures, attendees have signed photo release forms, and we can share experiences and pictures on the website.

Laptop Computer and Projector.  The Board previously approved $1,200 for this purpose. This would include a laptop, projector, key card, bag, laser point, and insurance. The FPC has sent an email stating we can purchase this necessary equipment for our work. Ben and Sharon will compare equipment and prices, and will order the equipment next week. Ray made a motion that we purchase the best equipment available within available funding; second: Frank.

Network Bookmarks. The Board previously approved $108 for this purpose.  The bookmarks are 4 to a page and cost $.25 per page plus a small cutting fee. Frank made a motion that we purchase 2,000 bookmarks, which will cost about $108; Second: Ray. The vote was unanimous, motion carried.

ACE Training/ACE Scholarships. The Board previously approved $4,000 for this purpose. At the time this expenditure was approved, we had thought the FPC would have their ACE training program available and online. Due to the legislative and budget challenges, the ACE training program is not available or online and we will not need this money for the purpose originally intended. Since an ACEs speaker will be featured at the Year of the Young Child event, the Board discussed providing some funding to support this event. Liz said this is a strategic partner and it is important that we contribute if we can. Liz made the motion to provide $200 to support the event. Julia said there will be a $20/person fee to attend the event and modified the motion to add another $200 for scholarships for Board members or others who want to attend the event; Second: Liz. The vote was unanimous and the amended motion carried.

Coordinator Pay. Liz suggested if there were funds available that the Board consider giving the Coordinator a raise. There was considerable discussion on whether to increase hours and/or hourly pay. Frank made a motion to increase hours to 20 and pay to $18/hour. Barbara amended the motion to increase hours to 18 and pay to $20/hour beginning April 1, 2011; Second: Liz. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Network Brochures.  Due to work ongoing on the bookmark and website, several members questioned whether the brochure should be a top priority. They suggested much of the work being done for the bookmark and website might be used for the brochure. Or, we may not need a brochure at all. Frank made a motion that we table the brochure at this time. Ray modified the motion by adding that we revisit this discussion on a brochure again at the June meeting; Second: Frank. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Network Board Training. The Board members voted to eliminate the budgeted amount for Network Board Training.

Network Benchmarking. The Board members voted to eliminate the budgeted amount for Network Benchmarking.

Grant Opportunity: Sharon briefly mentioned a Northwest Health Foundation grant opportunity with a submission date of March 28, 2011. The grant funding, up to $5,000, can be used for community discussions that ask community residents to think about health beyond just medical care. It is a good link to ACEs. Board members agreed we should look further at this grant opportunity.

Meeting Adjourned:

Next Meeting April 20, 2011


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