Board Minutes: September 21, 2011;11:30-1:00PM

Cowlitz County Community Network

Board Meeting

CWCOG Meeting Room

September 21, 2011, 11:30 – 1:00 PM


Present: Ben Harrison, Ray Van Tongeren, Sybil Sides, Julia Bishop, Barbara Skreen, Elizabeth Haeck, Cindy Lopez Werth, Tobie Crocker (guest), Rebecca Fisher (guest) and Sharon Weinhold,


Excused: Carmella Bender


Unexcused:  None


Quorum: Yes


Welcome and Introductions: The chairman, Ben Harrison, welcomed the Board members and guests and asked them to introduce themselves for the record.  

Additions to the Agenda:  None.


August 17, 2011 Minutes: Motion to approve the minutes as presented: Cindy; second: Ray. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

August 17, 2011 Action Items: All action items from the last meeting were completed and many will be discussed at various points during the meeting. Ben took the opportunity to discuss his presentation to the Kelso School Board on September 12. Ben provided information about the Network, some of the projects ongoing and planned and handed out flyers and book marks. He was pleased with the School Board members’ response and interest.


Approval of Board Member Application: Tobie Crocker, from Big Brothers/Big Sisters, submitted an application to become a member of the Board. Tobie introduced herself and provided information about her background and experience. Ray asked about her education. Cindy asked what stood out from her time living in Japan that would help her support the community. Ben asked if her schedule allowed for her to attend monthly meetings and participate in Board events. Her response was in the affirmative. After Tobie left the room, the Board members voted unanimously to approve her as a Board member. The Board members agreed Tobie will be a great addition to the Board.

Grant Status Report / Budget Update:

The status of each grant, including the funding level, amount spent and projected through September 30 and grant expiration date, was presented to the Board members. More detailed discussion on each grant followed. The Network’s finances appear to be in good condition and spending seems to be on track.

The Network currently has funding from three sources totaling $53,680. Actual expenses are $5,992.08, leaving $47,687.92 unexpended. Commitments for upcoming October and November events total almost $7,000.

A question was asked whether the mini-NWHF grant could be extended if we did not expend all of the funds by December 31, 2011. Liz suggested we contact Chris DeMar, NWHF, and ask. Liz said the NWHF grant for the Highlands was extended and, if needed, she thought approval would be given to extend this one too.

Action: At the appropriate time, contact NWHF, Chris DeMar and ask if the mini-NWHF funding could be extended beyond December 31, 2011 if funds are remaining at that time. (Sharon)    

DVR Grant and Schedule of Events:

Four DVR/FPC Grant events are scheduled for October and November. All events are free and open to the public.

  • “Pathways to Possibilities”, Thursday, October 6, 10AM – 3PM, The event is organized by the Cowlitz Indian Tribe’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program. There will be workshops and breakout sessions. The Network will have a Resource Table.
  • “My Journey through Autism”, Monday, October 24, 6:30 – 8PM. Dawn-Prince, Ph.D. and author, will be sharing her journey through Autism and highlighting parts of her books. The event is hosted by Lower Columbia College.
  • “Together We Can”, Thursday, October 27, 8AM-5PM. The event is sponsored by the Network. There will be key note speakers and breakout sessions. Clock hours are available. As of today, 50 people have signed up for this event. The Network will have a Resource Table.
  • “Identifying Essential Job Functions and Pre Employment Inquiries”, Thursday November 3, 8-10AM. This event is sponsored by the Network. John Evans, DSHS, will present information to local business owners and HR professionals on hiring persons with disabilities.

To kick off these events, on October 4, the County Board of Commissioners will read a Proclamation declaring October as Disability Employment Awareness Month. The Proclamation reading will be covered by local news and TV. Ben suggested Board members should plan to attend the Proclamation reading if available.

Action: Email reminder of Proclamation reading to Board members. (Sharon)

There was considerable discussion about the flyer prepared for the “Identifying Essential Job Functions and Pre Employment Inquiries” event. Several Board members did not understand the title and thought others might not either. The members thought a more descriptive title might attract more attendees. They recommended contacting the presenter and asking for help in creating a more descriptive title. There was discussion on who should be targeted to receive the flyer. Suggestions were the Chambers, Longview and Kelso Downtowners, Paul Youmans and the United Way.

Action: Contact John Evans for help in finding a more descriptive title for the presentation. (Sharon)

Action: Plan to distribute the flyer to the Chambers, Downtowners, Pathways 2020 and the United Way. (Sharon)

For the DVR Grant Time Bank project, 1500 flyers with information on the Time Bank and an application form were printed. Liz said the flyers are being distributed in the Highlands. DSHS has just given us a list of DVR candidates for the Time Bank Coordinator position. Liz plans to convene an interview panel later in the week.


FPC Grant: At the last Board meeting, FPC grant fund expenditures were approved for “Lights on After School”, an event to be held at the Kelso Theater/Pub on Thursday, October 20 from 4:30–6:30PM. The funding approved is in an amount up to $1,000, with the caveat that the Network be recognized as a sponsor in all communications (invitations, flyers, etc.) for the event. Tobie, who is on the “Lights on After School” event committee, explained the purpose of the event is to showcase the after school programs to Agency people and their families. A DRAFT flyer was presented at the meeting. Plans are to distribute the final flyer in early October.  

Action: Provide the Board a copy of the final flyer for “Lights on After School.” (Tobie)

NWHF Grant Full Proposal: The full proposal for the NWHF Grant was submitted on September 8, 2011. The grant would explore the relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences, learning in the classroom, worker productivity, and business success. Ten Letters of Support accompanied the proposal. They were from the Family Policy Council, Swanson Bark, OmOriginals, Abernathy Creek Machine, Youth and Family Link, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Longview Police Department (Highlands Satellite Office), Cowlitz Substance Abuse Coalition, Longview School Board Member Jennifer Leach, and the Principal of St Helen’s Elementary School. We had hoped to receive letters from WorkSource, Peace Health, and at least one Chamber of Commerce but did not. NWHF will announce their final funding decisions in early December 2011.

Statement of Work and Biennial Reports: A first draft of the 2009/2011 Community Context Summary was presented to the Board members. The purpose of the Community Context Summary is to document what is changing in the community the challenges these changes cause, and the Network strategy for the future. It gives the Network an opportunity to highlight its accomplishment over the last biennium and think through its next steps. The Statement of Work and Biennial Reports are due to the Family Policy Council at the end of October and will be a major topic of discussion at the October Board meeting.

Upcoming Events:

The Network has been invited to give an ACEs presentation at the Youth Summit and to the LCC students in the Counseling Program. The Network will have a Resource Table at the events listed below. Sign-up sheets were distributed to give Board members the opportunity to help staff the Resource Table at these events.

September 24 – Link/Fibre Health Prevention Fair

October 6 – “Pathways to Possibilities”, FPC/DVR grant event

October 14 – With One Voice Training

October 20 – ACEs presentation to parents at Youth Summit

October 20 – “Lights on After School”

October 22 – ACEs presentation to LCC students in Counseling Program

October 27 – “Together we Can”, FPC/DVR grant event

November 3 – Breakfast and Training with John Evans, FPC/DVR grant event

A Display Board and Network banner were presented at the meeting. These items will be used at the events listed above and future events. The items on the Display Board are easy to change and can be oriented to each event or presentation.

Cindy reminded everyone of the Highlands Neighborhood Matters on September 21, 5:30 – 7:00pm. The topic is Drug & Alcohol Treatment. The next topics are Domestic Violence and Fraud Prevention.


The County Resource Directory was recently published. The Board discussed updating the Network’s online directory with the information contained in this Directory and then keeping the online directory up to date with notifications from organizations.


Coalition and Committee Participation Reports:

Ben discussed Swanson Bark’s partnership with the Woodland Chamber and the effort to help kids in a positive way by improving their ballparks.

Ray mentioned the Longview City Council meeting and discussion on marijuana. There will be a one year moratorium during which a work plan on the zoning of marijuana gardens will be developed.

Julia said she is now the Volunteer Coordinator at Love Inc and talked about some of the projects Love Inc has working.

Tobie handed out a flyer on a Parent Support Group that meets monthly at the Woodland Community Center. The group provides a good opportunity for adults to discuss strategies to help their families communicate better and build a loving family environment.

Minutes Action Items:

Action: Email reminder of Proclamation reading to Board members. (Sharon)

Action: Contact John Evans for help in finding a more descriptive title for the presentation. (Sharon)

Action: Plan to distribute the flyer to the Chambers, Downtowners, Pathways 2020 and the United Way. (Sharon)

Action: Provide the Board a copy of the final flyer for “Lights on After School.” (Tobie)

Meeting Adjourned:

Next Meeting October 19, 2011

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