Board Minutes: March 21, 2012: 11:30-1:30PM

Cowlitz County Community Network

Board Meeting

CWCOG Meeting Room

March 21, 2012, 11:30 – 1:00 PM


Present: Ben Harrison, Carmella Bender, Julia Bishop, Tobie Crocker, Ean Harrison, Sybil Sides, Cindy Turpen, Ray Van Tongeren and Sharon Weinhold, and guests Randy Heath, Kelso School District, and Rebecca Fisher, Highlands Neighborhood Association.


Excused: Elizabeth Haeck


Unexcused:  Barbara Skreen


Quorum: Yes


Welcome and Introductions: Ben Harrison, Board Chair, welcomed the Board members and guests, Randy Heath and Rebecca Fisher, who have both attended Board meetings in the past. Randy Heath applied for Board membership.

Additions to the Agenda:  None.


February 15, 2012 Minutes: Motion to approve the minutes as presented: Ray; second: Carmella. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

February 15, 2012 Action Items: The action items were completed. An explanation was given on the action item to contact the Homeless Coalition to determine whether a MOU of partnership and support would be valuable and appropriate. The Coalition responded that a MOU was not needed. The Coalition welcomes participation in their meetings by the Network or individual Board members as members of the community. 

Board Membership: Randy Heath submitted an application for Board membership. Randy is the Director of Student Services and Supervision for the Kelso School District, and previously was a school principal. He introduced himself and discussed his reasons for wanting to become a Board member. In response to Ben’s question, he said he will be available to attend the monthly Board meetings and to participate on Network committees and events. The Board members agreed that Randy would be a valuable asset to the Board, and a much needed link to the school system. Board members who have had dealings with Randy in the past said he is easy to work with and very supportive of programs for children and families. A motion was made to accept Randy as a Board member: Sybil; second: Tobie. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.


Grant Status Report / Budget Update:

The grant funding, amounts spent and projected to be spent for each grant through March 31, 2012 were presented to the Board members. Detailed discussion followed on each grant. During March 2012, the Network had funding from three grants – Northwest Health Foundation (NWHF) mini grant, Family Policy Council (FPC) grant, and Northwest Health Foundation larger grant – totaling $63,680. Expenses on the grants were $15,083.72, leaving $48,596.28 unexpended. In addition, the Network is authorized by the WA State Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery to spend up to $1,500 for a Lets Draw the Line campaign and Town Hall Meeting on a reimbursable basis. The Network is partnering with the Kalama Safe Community Coalition and others to conduct the campaign and meeting.

The itemized February Voucher amounting to $3,173.58 was presented to the Network Board for review and approval. The $3,173.58 includes costs of phone, fiscal agent services, email hosting, Adverse Childhood Experiences online training scholarships amounting to $841 (29 @ $29 each). Time Bank Coordinator pay ($179.41), supplies, travel expenses and Network Coordinator pay ($1,496.34). The February Voucher was approved.

Legislative Update: Last week the Senate released another version of the Republican-led budget. That version still has the $450,000 cut to the “community initiative” – which is a $200,00 cut to the Network’s current year money plus a $250,000 cut to the state-level staffing for next fiscal year. In the House budget, there is no cut to the current funding – the $450,000 remains in the budget. Now the House and Senate will begin negotiating the differences between House and Senate budgets.  That negotiation will involve budget committee leaders and caucus leaders, primarily, but all Legislators will still have influence on the final budget agreement. All Board Members are encouraged to write to the budget negotiators, caucus leaders and others and ask them to support our funding.

Action: Write to budget negotiators and ask them to support our funding. (All)



NWHF Planning Committee Report:

The planning committee for the first NWHF grant anchor event on April 19 has been meeting weekly. During the last month, the committee secured an event location, created an event flyer and program, recruited a Master of Ceremonies, recruited and met with panel members and a storyteller who will discuss the changing culture of Cowlitz County, created and viewed a slide show about the history of Cowlitz County that will play at the beginning of the event and during dinner, and had a teleconference with Jeremy Martin, retired Boeing Executive to discuss how to involve businesses. In an effort to involve businesses, emails and flyers were sent to each city Chamber of Commerce. In response, we received an invitation from the Kelso/Longview Chamber of Commerce to participate in a radio show on March 28. To date, 61 people have registered for the April 19 event.

Action: Prepare 5-7 questions and answers for the radio show. (Sharon)

Action: Prepare a list of duties for the day of the event and invite all Board Members to participate. (Sharon)

Action: Email the list of duties to Board Members before the next Board meeting so they can determine how they will participate.  (Sharon)

Network Logo:

Cindy submitted five additional proposed logos for the Cowlitz Community Network for the Board to consider since she was not able to ascertain if the one the Board selected at the last meeting was royalty free. Ben suggested the logos be readable in color and in black and white since they will not always be printed in color. Ean suggested a logo with people, those who we are trying to help. The members agreed that we needed a logo that fits on letterhead and other publications and possibly more for a banner. Board members made various recommendations on the five proposed logos and gave them to Cindy (and Ben) for modification.

Action: Combine creativity and technical expertise to create a logo for the Network. Email the logo to the Board members before the next Board meeting. (Cindy and Ben)

 Projects/Expenditures for 2012:  

The Board reviewed proposed projects/expenditures through June 30, 2012 and prioritized them. The list and prioritization is shown below. The projects must be completed and the funds expended prior to June 30, 2012.

Separate motions were made by the Board Members to fund and prioritize each item and the funding priority was assigned.

Project List      
Description Cost Balance Priority
Ops-Payroll/Rent/Utilities/Supplies/Audit/etc.(4 mo) 7,500 15,579 1
Board Meetings (4mo) 250 15,329 1
KSCC Event (approved) 200 15,129 1
Time Bank Coordinator (thru March) (approved) 260 14,869 1
Kick Butts (approved) 400 14,469 1
Jeremy Martin, overnight stay 200 14,269 1
Upcoming Events?? 100 14,169 2
Yellow Pages – Printing Costs (options) 8,000 6,169 6
Time Bank Coordinator @ 5hrs/wk (thru June) 780 5,389 4
Time Bank Orientation Sessions (2) 150 5,239 4
Little Blue Jays 700 4,539 3
English/Spanish Speaking Learning Tools 250 4,289 5


Priority 1. These items are considered required expenditures either because they are for operations or they have already been approved by the Board.

Priority 2. This will pay for travel to the Kaiser Permanente Grantee Summit in Portland on May 21.

Priority 3. This will pay for supplies for a pre-kindergarten program at Butler Acres Elementary school to make incoming students with special needs or challenges more comfortable and get a better start in school. It will educate families and help them with the desired skills and knowledge students should posses before starting kindergarten.

Priority 4. This will continue to fund the Time Bank Coordinator’s pay for 5 hours / week and two Time Bank Orientation Sessions.

Priority 5. This will pay for supplies and educational materials to help Spanish speaking people in the Highlands learn English (and English speaking people learn Spanish).

Priority 6. This will contribute toward printing 7,500 copies of the Youth Yellow Pages, subject to finding other contributors. The cost estimate is almost $12,000. The $8,000 is the upper limit for the Network. The Youth Yellow Pages must be updated and printed by June 30, 2012.

Feedback on Events/Upcoming Events:

– Kalama Safe Community Coalition, Feb 28. This was a very successful event with great participation from the community. There were numerous resource tables and speakers. Over 100 people attended. Ben gave the ACEs presentation and the Network had an information table. 

– Kick Butts Day, Mar 21. Proclamations to kick butts were issued by the Castle Rock, Kalama and Longview City Councils and by the Cowlitz County Commissioners. Along with the Network, partners in the events were school counselors and students, Pathways 2020, Kalama Safe Community Coalition, STOP Coalitions and the County Health Department. Melissa Mullins, Pathways 2020, led the effort.

– Your Future, Mar 22, 5-8PM, Youth and Family Link. In addition to distributing Network items, the Network will display the transportation options matrix developed during the DVR partnership.

– Draw the Line Planning Committee, Mar 27, 5PM, Kalama.

– Time Bank Orientation Meeting, April 2, 5PM, Highlands.

– CSAC Meeting, April 16, Kelso.

– HOPE Conference, Apr 19, 5-8:30PM, PUD Auditorium.

– Kaiser Permanente Community Fund Grantee Summit, May 21, Portland.

– ACE Presentation to Foster Parents, May 24.

– Ethnic Support Council’s International Festival, Jun 2, LCC.

Minutes Action Items:

Action: Write to budget negotiators and ask them to support our funding. (All)

Action: Prepare 5-7 questions and answers for the radio show. (Sharon)

Action: Prepare a list of duties for the day of the event and invite all Board Members to participate. (Sharon)

Action: Email the list of duties to Board Members before the next meeting. (Sharon)

Action: Combine creativity and technical expertise to create a logo for the Network. Email the logo to the Board members before the next Board meeting. (Cindy and Ben)


Meeting Adjourned:

Next Meeting April 18, 2012

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