Board Minutes: July 18, 2012: 11:30 – 1:00PM

Cowlitz County Community Network

Board Meeting

CWCOG Meeting Room

July 18, 2012, 11:30 – 1:00 PM


Present: Ben Harrison, Carmella Bender, Tobie Crocker, Julia Bishop, Kay Gunter, Randy Heath, Sybil Sides, Ray Van Tongeren, Cindy Turpen, Sharon Weinhold and special guests, Michael O’Neill, Cowlitz County Health Department, Karen Gidderon, from Exclaim Media, and Tina McCain, Longview Fibre.


Excused: Liz Haeck


Unexcused: Ean Harrison, Barbara Skreen


Quorum: Yes


Welcome and Introductions: Ben Harrison, Board Chair, welcomed the attendees and their participation. There were several new attendees and introductions were made around the table.

Additions to the Agenda:  None.


June 20, 2012 Meeting Minutes: The Board members reviewed the minutes from the last meeting.  Motion to approve the minutes as presented: Ray; second: Tobie. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Board Membership: The Board received an application for Board membership from Michael O’Neill, who currently serves as a Health Educator for the Cowlitz County Health Department. Michael shared information about himself and why he wanted to join the Board. Michael responded to several questions from Board members. Ben stated that the Network Board is a working Board, and asked Michael if he will be available to attend Board meetings, and participate in committees and events. Michael stated he would.  Motion to include Michael O’Neill as a member of the Network Board: Ray; second: Cindy. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried. Michael O’Neill was welcomed as a member of the Network Board.



Grant Status Report / Budget Update:

The grant funding, amounts spent and projected to be spent for each grant through June 2012 were presented to the Board members. Discussion followed on each grant. As of June 30, 2012, two Network grants expired. The Northwest Health Foundation (NWHF) mini grant ($3,680) and Family Policy Council (FPC) grant ($35,000) expired. Funding from one grant remained – the Northwest Health Foundation larger grant ($25,000), with $15,000 of the $25,000 received to date. Expenses on the remaining grant are $2,564.00. In addition, the Network is authorized by the WA State Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery to spend up to $1,000 for a Let’s Draw the Line campaign on a reimbursable basis and $500 for a Town Hall meeting. The work for both of these efforts is complete and the Network received the funds.

Grant reports for the NWHF grants are due to the NWHF by July 31, 2012. The DRAFT NWHF mini-grant report was emailed to the Board members before the meeting for their review. Comments back were very positive. A DRAFT interim report for the larger NWHF grant was reviewed and approved by the chair and will be emailed to the Board members for review before it is sent to the NWHF. This report is required and will be reviewed prior to receiving the remaining $10,000 on the grant.

The Network was notified that it was approved to receive Division of Vocational Rehabilitation funding amounting to $16,820.49. This funding will be added to the Grant Status/Budget Update Report and tracked when the paperwork for the funding is received. This funding will expire on December 31, 2012. 

The itemized July Voucher amounting to $7,092.74 was presented to the Network Board for review and approval. The $7,092.74 includes costs of phone, fiscal agent services, rent, and email hosting ($300); Lose the Training Wheels ($1,000); IPAD/IPOD/etc. Training ($1,521); Youth Summit ($400); Kalama Youth Prevention Activities ($450); ACE Training Scholarships ($1,200); Time Bank Coordinator pay ($300); Supplies/Other Expenses ($400); and Coordinator Pay ($1,500). Motion to approve the July Voucher as presented: Sybil; second: Kay. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

ACE Online Training Status: As of July 18, 88 scholarships had been awarded. Eleven new scholarships were awarded since the last Board meeting. Of those receiving scholarships, 58 had completed the training. It was noted that three Board members have not completed the training. The Board members recommended that we to continue to offer scholarships and encourage the scholarship awardees to complete their training as quickly as possible.

Action: Complete the ACEs online training if it has not already been completed. (Ben, Julia, Cindy)

Action: Continue to follow up with all of the scholarship recipients who have not completed the training and remind them to complete it. (Sharon)


NWHF Grant Committee Report:

The NWHF grant committee, comprised of Ray, Carmella, Sybil, Ean, Cindy and Sharon reported on their work. The committee recommends the next event consist of a presentation(s) and discussion to be held on September 20, from 11-2PM at the McClellan Center. The event will focus on getting schools and businesses more involved in discussing what can the “community” do to identify and help youth and adults who have had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The current vision is to have Jeremy Martin give a presentation that introduces the impacts of ACEs on learning in school, worker performance and business success. This would be followed by either café style discussions or workshops.

Tina, who is a job interviewer for Longview Fibre, shared interesting information and data about her experiences in seeking employees for a labor pool. This was followed by a great discussion on the next event, marketing, and ways to show businesses why this is important to them. The next meeting of the NWHF grant committee is on July 19, 9AM. Michael said he plans to join the committee. A meeting was scheduled for July 19, 4PM, with several Board members from the SW Washington Workforce Development Coalition, to determine if there is a good fit and an opportunity to partner with them.

Proposed DVR Projects:

The focus of the DVR projects is outreach, education, skill building and removing employment barriers for transition students and parents. The DVR grant requires that project proposals be submitted and approved prior to obligating funds. Sharon presented a slate of projects to the Board members for consideration and approval.


1-    Celebrate Disability Employment Awareness Month, October 2012, with activities during the month. The activities under consideration with various partners include: A National Motivational Speaker (LCC); National Inclusion Project or Movie, “Where’s Molly” (ARC); Transition fair and education, “Together we Can” (SL-Start, LifeWorks); Awards Breakfast, partnering Businesses w/ potential employees (Goodwill); Employment Awareness Walking Tour (all DVR vendors); Spread the Word to End the Word (LCC and Another Option); Speaker David Pitonyak (Health Department). The Network would help coordinate and participate in these events and contribute up to $5,000 for marketing, setup, supplies, etc. [With the Board members’ approval at the June meeting, the Network reserved the Expo Center for the “Together we Can” event on October 25]

2-    Fashion Show, an educational and partnering event. Volunteer models would provide looks at the right and inexpensive clothing to wear for interviews and the job. There would be tables to help with resumes, cover letters, interviewing tips, etc. Business human resource representatives who are looking for employees would discuss their job opportunity, what qualities they are looking for to fill the position, and introduce the model who would give a look at clothing for that particular job. (DVR Vendors, Businesses, Mall and Mall Anchors, Thrift Stores) The Network would coordinate and participate in this event and contribute up to $2,000 for setup, marketing, supplies, raffle items, etc.

3-    Time Bank Expanded. Continue to build the Time Bank; expand it to include a defined training and mentoring element. Currently the time bank supports exchanges of established skills. This expansion would help build skills for exchanges. The Network would also offer advice and assistance to other neighborhoods, cities and counties that would like to establish a time bank. The Network would coordinate and participate in the time bank activities and contribute up to $2,000 for a Time Bank coordinator, skill building, marketing, etc.

4-    Transportation. Continue to research and build on breaking down the transportation barrier of getting to work. The Cowlitz County bus system recently hired a Mobility Coordinator; he has been on the job for two weeks. He is looking for help in reviewing and modifying the transportation system to make it more comprehensive and supportive to the community. The Network would help with the research and planning and contribute up to $2,000 to help make the modifications a success.

5-    Discussions with Transition Students. Network and DVR representatives will increase their discussions at the schools with teachers and transition students, and update informational materials. The Network would help with the planning and materials update, participate in the discussions, and contribute up to $2,000.

6-    In addition to the above, the Network Coordinator would track the above, keep things moving forward and seek additional opportunities. Coordination, Overhead andAdministration costs are included here. $3,800.         

Sharon discussed the above opportunities with the Cowlitz County DVR Supervisor, Tina Brendengerd. She supports them and agreed to work with us to achieve them. The Board members discussed these events in more detail. Motion to pursue these projects, recognizing the funding amounts shown are estimates: Carmella; second: Sybil. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

The Spirit Level – a documentary film a campaign for change: The Board member who requested this topic, Ean Harrison, was not available for this meeting so this item was tabled.

Fund Raising Events: There was discussion on the need to begin looking for fund raising opportunities for the Network. An example might be the August 2 Wahkiakum Community Network sponsored fundraising event, “Tossing out the Kids’ Table.” The Network funded two registrations at $110 each. Ray and Tobie will use those registrations. Cindy will attend as a guest of the Wahkiakum Community Network. Fund raising events will be an agenda item for the August Board meeting, to discuss the feedback and fund raising ideas generated by attending this event.

Action: Include Fund Raising Events as an agenda item for the August Board meeting, to give Ray, Tobie and Cindy an opportunity to provide feedback on the Wahkiakum fundraising event. (Sharon)

Ben Harrison Resigns as Board Chair: At the conclusion of the meeting, Ben Harrison announced his resignation from the Board, and said he will follow up with a written notice. He wants to spend more time with his family. He expressed appreciation to the Board members for their support during his time as Board chair. The Board members thanked him for his service and wished him well.


Feedback on Events/Upcoming Events:

– ACE Presentation to Foster Parents. Ben reported there were 6 families in attendance and there was good discussion.

– FPC Event, June 22, Edmonds Community College (Liz attended; not available)

– RSN Board Presentation, July 10. Tobie attended and gave feedback.

– Cowlitz County Youth Project, July 14. (Ean attended; not available)

– CSAC Meeting, July 16. Sharon attended and gave feedback.

– National Night Out, August 7. Activities are planned throughout the county. Board members were encouraged to attend.

– ACEs Train the Trainer Training, TENTATIVE dates, August 7, 8, 9, 10.

– Health and Prevention Fair, Saturday, Sept 22, 11-3PM, Youth/Family Link. Event,

Minutes Action Items:

Action: Complete the ACEs online training if it has not already been completed. (Ben, Julia, Cindy)

Action: Continue to follow up with all of the scholarship recipients who have not completed the training and remind them to complete it. (Sharon)

Action: Include Fund Raising Events as an agenda item for the August Board meeting, to give Ray, Tobie and Cindy an opportunity to provide feedback on the Wahkiakum fundraising event. (Sharon)


Meeting Adjourned:  The Next Meeting is on August 15, 2012

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