Board Minutes: March 18, 2015: 11:30 – 1:10 PM

Cowlitz County Community Network
Board Meeting
March 18, 2015 11:30 – 1:10 PM

Present: Kay Gunter, Pat Harrold, Shannon Gourley, Michael O’Neill, Sybil Sides, Ray Van Tongeren, Steve Watters, and Sharon Weinhold.

Excused: Tori Bernier, Julia Bishop, Lacey Cairns, Rod McHattie, J Wylie

Unexcused: None

Quorum: Yes

Welcome and Introductions: Kay welcomed the Board members and thanked everyone for their attendance.

Additions to the Agenda: None

February 18, 2015 Meeting Minutes: The minutes had been sent to the Board members for their review prior to the meeting. The status of all actions listed in the meeting minutes were reviewed and all action items were completed. Of particular note, the Thanks to You submitted to The Daily News was published as submitted on March 3. Appreciation was expressed to Kaiser Permanente and all partners who had signed the Community Charter as of that time.
Motion to approve the February 18, 2015 Network Board Minutes as presented: Sybil; second: Michael. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Grant Status Report / Budget Update:
Current Grants:
-Kaiser Permanente Community Fund Grant (KPCF) ($161,095). This three year grant for implementation of a “Coordinated Prevention System for Healthy Starts” began on January 1, 2014 and will continue through December 31, 2016. Through mid-March, grant funds received: $94,600; expenditures: $50,579.19.

-2014 Behavioral Health Tax Funding ($8,000 over two years). The Network partnered with the Emergency Support Shelter (ESS) and received funding for “relationship building” training for the moms and youth residing at ESS. Through mid-March, $1,967.44 has been expended and billed; $1,702.28 has been reimbursed.

-Homeless Just-In-Time Life Skills Training. This funding, to provide Life Skills Training at Corrections is for the contract period January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015, and may be extended for an additional 12 months based on satisfactory performance and approval of funding by the Cowlitz County Board of Commissioners. The funding amount for the first 12-month period is $6,000. Training has begun; no billings have been submitted as of this time.

Board Members reviewed a cash flow chart that showed the cash positions at the beginning and end of each year, beginning in 2010, and revenues and expenditures for each year. The revenue sources were documented to show the changing fund sources for the Network. For example, in July 2012, DSHS funding through the Family Policy Council ended. At the end of 2014, DSHS funding through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation ended. Members expressed this was useful information, and the chart will continue to be updated and presented to the Board on a quarterly basis.

The second payroll with the Network’s new payroll processor was completed at the end of February and went well. The payroll for the period February 1, 2015 through February 28, 2015 was $2,640.25, which includes the cost of the payroll and the employer taxes. Charges for the payroll processing were $51.99. As of February 27, 2015, the balance in our checking account, which is used solely for payroll and payroll processing, is $1,217.64. Deposits are reflected on the first work day of each month.

The Itemized Voucher amounting to $4,257.00 was presented to the Network Board for review and approval. The $4,257.00 expenditures are for Cowlitz County Purchasing for Phone – Jan 2015 ($21); Cowlitz County Purchasing for Phone/Printing – Feb 2015 ($110); Email Hosting ($10); and Miscellaneous Expenditures ($116). In addition, $4,000 was deposited into the Network’s Bank Checking Account for future payroll. The total Voucher, including the $4,000.00 is $4,257.00.
Motion to approve the voucher as presented: Michael; second: Pat. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

NWHF Implementation Grant:
-Report out from Charter Teams.
• Coordination of Care Team. Pat reported that the Coordination of Care Team met for the second time on March 10. The team discussed the website “Linking Cowlitz County” and how it might be expanded to include a retrieval tool so providers can enter one or more parameters and get a list of resources that specifically address those parameters. There also was discussion about potentially creating a mobile phone APP so clients and others could access the resource information. The team discussed having one uniform intake form that would contain basic client information that could be used by all providers. Release of Information would be client driven by checking the Release of Information Form of the provider(s) that could have access to the client’s information. Team members were given Love Overwhelming’s Intake Form/Facer Page for review and comment before the next meeting, which is scheduled for March 24.
• Resiliency Team. Sharon reported that the Resiliency Team met for the fourth time on March 13. The team is in the process of identifying slides to present and facilitate conversation at Parent’s Place, which will serve as a test site. The team has been identifying and reviewing ACEs presentations and other resources for disseminating and sharing on a website. The next meeting is scheduled for April 10.
• The Resource Coordination Team. Shannon reported that the Resource Coordination Team is in the process of obtaining initial estimates for the website enhancements that are being considered by the teams and will provide the information as soon as it is received.
• The Sustainability Team was waiting for information from the other teams. The next team meeting is scheduled for March 28.
• A meeting of the Leadership Group will be scheduled for a time in April, after “needs” lists are available from all of the teams.
ACTION: Email team reports to all Board members. (Sharon)
ACTION: Request “needs” lists with costs, if available, from the teams. (Sharon)
ACTION: Provide potential meeting dates so a Leadership Group meeting can be scheduled. (Michael)

-Michael reported on the grant update given on February 25 to the NWHF Advisory Committee on behalf of the Network. Three grantees were invited to present their grants, one grantee from each of the Community Fund target areas: Early Life (our grant), Educational Attainment, and Economic Opportunity. Michael reported that the committee was pleased with our progress and impressed that we had been successful in getting so many agencies (19 at the time) to join us. Sharon added that the Community House on Broadway has signed the Community Charter bringing the total to 20 and several other agencies are ready to sign. The next grant report to the NWHF is due in May 2015.
ACTION: Continue to contact maternal and child serving agencies that have not signed the Community Charter and invite them to sign. (Sharon)
Strategic Planning Session:
Michael presented a DRAFT Network Strategic Plan which reflects the discussions at the Strategic Planning Meeting on March 10. Members reviewed and expressed agreement with the Mission Statement, Vision, and Five Year Goals as presented. There is still work to be done. The organizational status (current state and gap analysis of what we need), outcome measures, and accountability structure for implementation still must be addressed.
ACTION: Discuss with Michael the best approach for completing the remaining elements of the plan and report back to the Board. (Sharon)

Relationship Building at ESS: The Network has presented three trainings for youth and two trainings for moms to date. A fourth training for youth and third training for moms is ongoing this week. Two additional trainings for youth and moms are scheduled through June 2015, when the first year of the grant ends. Feedback on the trainings from the participants and Shelter personnel continues to be very good. The trainings also received high marks from the evaluator.

Life Skills Training at Corrections: Financial Responsibility / Money Smart training, which began on February 27 and is presented on four consecutive Fridays, is ongoing at Corrections. The training, Second Chance / Fresh Start Financial Education, is a four part series that addresses checking, borrowing, savings and budgeting, and gives those who complete all four trainings in the series a second chance at four banks in Cowlitz County. Three people have completed three of the trainings. The last training is on March 20, and we are planning to present certificates of completion to those who complete the fourth training in the series. Information on other training sites and times will be given to those who have not completed all four trainings, but would like to do so. For the next trainings, we plan to focus on resume building and of four trainings.

Review/Feedback on Events:
-WA State Audit Training, 2/26. Training was completed; work on the 2014 Financial Report has begun.
-ACEs Webinar. The webinar on 3/3, with presentations from Laura Porter and Dr. Cavens, was very informative. The presentation slides were provided to the Resiliency team and are available to anyone who would like to see them.
-Drug Free Communities Grant for the Kelso STOP Coalition. Shannon reported that an application was not submitted this year due to the loss of the fiscal agent. The STOP Coalition will continue to meet through September. A new application period will begin in 2016.
Upcoming Events:
-Birth to 3 Meeting, hosted by Head Start, LCC Head Start Office, 3/20.
-County Health Rankings. Scheduled to be released 3/25.
-Cowlitz Gamers for Kids Expo, hosted by CJAC, Expo Center, 3/28.
-BRIDGES, Kay and Julia will present. Tribe Conference Room, 3/30.
-Strengthening Families Program, 10 – 14 year olds, Huntington, (let Shannon know if you know of families interested in attending)
-Head Start’s 50th Year Anniversary, Expo Center, 4/21.
-The unveiling of the Community Report Card, Expo Center, 5/19.

ACTION: Email team reports to all Board members. (Sharon)
ACTION: Request “needs” lists with costs, if available, from the teams. (Sharon)
ACTION: Provide potential meeting dates so a Leadership Group meeting can be scheduled. (Michael)
ACTION: Continue to contact maternal and child serving agencies that have not signed the Community Charter and invite them to sign. (Sharon)
ACTION: Discuss with Michael the best approach for completing the remaining elements of the plan and report back to the Board. (Sharon)
Next Meeting: April 15, 2015.

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