Board Minutes: November 16, 2016: 11:30 – 1:02PM

Cowlitz County Community Network

Board Meeting

November 16, 2016 11:30 – 1:02PM


Present: Kay Gunter, Wendy Keegan, Dawn Maloney, Jordenn Martens, Rod McHattie, Tabatha O’Brien, Sybil Sides, Ray Van Tongeren, and Sharon Weinhold


Excused: Liz Cattin, Tim Krueger, Michael O’Neill




Quorum: Yes


Welcome and Introductions: Kay welcomed Network Board members and thanked them for their participation. New Board members introduced themselves to the others on the Board.


Additions to the Agenda: none


Board Membership: Board member attendance was reviewed and Board members were reminded that attendance at board meetings is important. A quorum is needed for most decisions.


October 19, 2016 Meeting Minutes: The minutes had been sent to Board members for their review prior to the meeting. The actions listed in the meeting minutes were reviewed. Of the four actions recommended from the last meeting, two were completed. The discussion with the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington was not scheduled and will not be until the results of the current grant round are announced. The meeting to develop the communications strategy further will be scheduled after the third training is completed on November 21.

Motion to approve the October 19, 2016 Network Board meeting minutes as presented: Ray: second: Sybil. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.


Grant Status Report / Budget Update:

Current Grants Status:

-Kaiser Permanente Community Fund Grant (KPCF) ($161,095). This three year grant for implementation of a “Coordinated Prevention System for Healthy Starts” began on January 1, 2014 and will end on December 31, 2016. Through October 2016, grant funds received: $161,095; expenditures were $133,618.95.


-Town Hall Meeting ($500). As part of the SAMHSA Underage Drinking Public Education Initiative, the Network received $500 for a second Town Hall Meeting, this one in Kelso.

The funding is available through December 31, 2016. The Town Hall meeting will be held at Wallace Elementary School on Thursday, December 15 at 6-7:30pm. In addition to the Network, partners include SAMHSA Communities Talk, Northwest Health Foundation Kaiser Permanente Community Fund, South Kelso Neighborhood Association, Cowlitz County Sheriff, AmeriCorps and Longview Anti-Drug Coalition. A flyer has been prepared and distributed within the Kelso schools and community. Planning and marketing continues.


Approval of Expenditures: The Itemized Voucher amounting to $3,551.03 was presented to the Network Board for review and approval. The $3,551.03 is for Email Hosting Service ($10); and Miscellaneous Expenditures ($41).  In addition, $3,500 was deposited into the Network’s checking account for payroll.

Motion to approve the voucher as presented: Jordenn: second: Ray. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.


Payroll for the period October 1, 2016 through October 31, 2016 was $2,587.68, which includes the cost of the payroll and associated employer costs. Payroll processing charges were $84.99. As of October 31, 2016, the balance in the checking account used solely for payroll and payroll processing was $6,376.83.


-Cabaret Follies of Lower Columbia Donation Opportunity. The Network was selected as this year’s beneficiary of the Cabaret Follies. There was an evening performance on Friday, November 4 and a matinee and evening performance on Saturday, November 5. The performances were well attended with about 1,000 attendees. Many Board members attended the Follies and brought others. Tabatha was in the show. All thought the show was excellent and a wonderful reflection of the talent in our community. According to the Cabaret Follies Board, the final accounting of revenues and expenses has not been completed. Funds after expenses will be given to the Network.


-Community Foundation of Southwest Washington. The Network submitted a grant proposal to increase the ability of Child Care Centers in Cowlitz County to serve children with disabilities and behavioral issues, and improve outreach and family engagement. Decisions on proposals are expected in November. The decisions have not yet been announced.


-Healthy Living Collaborative S. Kelso Community Health Advocates. A selection was made for the coach position. The person selected is a Community Health Advocate and has community organizing experience. The Network will continue to work with and assist the South Kelso Community Health Advocates when possible.


Budget for 2017. Board members discussed the proposed Network Budget for 2017. The Network is grant funded and applies for funding throughout the year.  Expenditures reflect the purposes and conditions of the grants received. A list of revenues and expenses for 2016 was presented for comparison. About $4,000 each year are fixed costs with the majority of the rest variable depending on the purposes of the grant funds received. Some expenditures will be required for grant writing, financial statements and operations. Board members agreed that it is difficult to develop a budget with many unknowns and suggested the budget reflect the best information available at this time with the intent to revise the budget when better information becomes known. The initial budget will reflect revenues: $10,000 and expenditures: $25,600. Comments will be added to the budget submission stating this is a preliminary budget and will be updated as needed during 2017.

Motion to approve and submit the budget with the best information available today: Revenues, $10,000; Expenditures, $25,600, along with explanatory comments with the intent to update the budget when additional information becomes available: Ray: second: Dawn. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

ACTION: Submit the Network Budget to the Cowlitz County Office of Financial Management, the Network’s fiscal agent, by November 18. Include the initial budget numbers and explanatory comments expressed by the Board members.


NWHF Implementation Grant:

-The framework for the final NWHF report was reviewed with the Board. The final report is due January 31, 2017. In addition to the topics mentioned to be included in the report at the October Board meeting (the Community Charter, Community Resource Directory, Speakers Bureau, Life Skills Training, Trauma Informed Pathway, Paper Tigers, Coalition of Community Members, Community Capacity Survey, Town Hall Meetings and Information Forums), there was considerable discussion about a potential event geared toward child care center and home care provider personnel. The focus would be to give personnel and families information on how to work with young children with behavioral issues. The idea was to have training and panel with the opportunity for attendee interaction and questions. Several potential speakers were identified along with panel members and topics. A target audience and venues for the event were discussed. Additional work will be done for this event which would be scheduled for spring of 2017.

-The Community Chart currently has 35 charter members with the addition of the Emergency Support Shelter this month.


Strategic Planning: Board members were advised of a NWHF Communications workshop to be held on Monday, November 21. The purpose of the workshop is to review strategies to build an organization’s loyal following and motivate audiences. The goal is to use this information along with the information we received in the prior workshops as we continue to develop the Network’s communication strategy.


Sex Trafficking. This is a holdover topic from the October meeting. The Network will schedule time on the agenda for a presentation about sex trafficking when Anna is available.

ACTION: When time is available on the Network Board meeting agenda, schedule a presentation on Sex Trafficking.  (Sharon)


Review/Feedback on Events:

-Justice and Hope Conference, Oct 27. Kay attended the conference and staffed an information table for the Network. She said the conference was excellent and well attended.

-Cabaret Follies, November 4 and 5. There were many positive comments about the shows and how fortunate the Network was to be selected as beneficiary.


Upcoming Events:

-South Kelso Neighborhood Association Meeting, November 17, 6pm, Wallace Elementary School. This is a marketing opportunity for the Town Hall meeting and way to gain input on the Resources that are of interest to the Kelso community.

-Town Hall Meeting, December 15, 6-7:30pm, Wallace Elementary School. Board members were encouraged to attend and invited to provide resources for the resource table.



ACTION: Submit the Network Budget to the Cowlitz County Office of Financial Management, the Network’s fiscal agent, by November 18. Include the initial budget numbers and explanatory comments expressed by the Board members.

ACTION: When time is available on the Network Board meeting agenda, schedule a presentation on Sex Trafficking.  (Sharon)


Next Meeting: December 21, 2016

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