Board Minutes: January 18, 2017: 11:30-1:05PM

Cowlitz County Community Network

Board Meeting

January 18, 2017, 11:30 – 1:05PM


Present: Board members Michael O’Neill, Wendy Keegan, Kay Gunter, Tim Krueger, Dawn Maloney, Jordenn Martens, Rod McHattie, Tabatha O’Brien, Michael O’Neill, Sybil Sides, Ray Van Tongeren, and Sharon Weinhold, Coordinator.


Excused: None


Unexcused: Liz Cattin, Anna Leslie


Quorum: Yes


Welcome and Introductions: Kay welcomed Network Board members and thanked them for their participation. Introductions were not needed.


Additions to the Agenda: none


Election of Officers: At January Board meetings, officers are elected to serve as Board Chair and Vice Chair for the year. Two Board members expressed interest in serving in both of these positions. All those expressing interest were very qualified candidates. After discussion, Michael O’Neill and Wendy Keegan were nominated to serve as Board Chair and Vice Chair. Michael has served as Board Chair in the past, but stepped down due to his work. He is now able to dedicate more effort on Network business. Wendy is a relatively new Board member who has been very supportive of the work of the Network. Board members expressed their appreciation to Kay Gunter, who has served as Board Chair for 3 years. She has been very active in conducting ACEs and resiliency, life skills and financial literacy training, and has been available to represent the Network at many meetings and participate in most Network events. Kay said she was pleased that other Board members were stepping up to take leadership positions, and that she will continue to conduct training and continue to support the Network as much as she always has.

Motion to approve the election of Michael O’Neill as Network Board Chair and Wendy Keegan as Vice Chair: Sybil; second: Kay. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.


December 21, 2016 Meeting Minutes: The minutes had been sent to Board members for their review prior to the meeting. The actions listed in the meeting minutes were reviewed; all were completed.

Motion to approve the December 21, 2016 Network Board meeting minutes as presented: Ray: second: Tabatha. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.


Grant Status Report / Budget Update:

Current Grants Status:

-Kaiser Permanente Community Fund Grant (KPCF) ($161,095). This three year grant for implementation of a “Coordinated Prevention System for Healthy Starts” began on January 1, 2014 and is scheduled to end on December 31, 2016. Through December 2016, grant funds received: $161,095; expenditures were $140,017.16. There are still a few bills outstanding.  Further discussion on this grant occurred later in the meeting and is documented in the minutes.


-Town Hall Meeting ($500). As part of the SAMHSA Underage Drinking Public Education Initiative, the Network received $500 for a second Town Hall Meeting, this one in Kelso. The focus of the Town Hall meeting was to begin a conversation on What if…. community residents did easy things to improve their community. We asked our invitee contacts to submit their suggestions for What if… and we will share and expand on those ideas at another Town Hall meeting in spring.


Approval of Expenditures: The Itemized Voucher amounting to $2,818.25 was presented to the Network Board for review and approval. The bills presented were:


Invoice #750-2016           Cowlitz County Purchasing – Phone 11/16 $     13.95

Invoice # 812-2016           Cowlitz County Purchasing – Phone 12/16 $     15.00

Invoice #2017 1T             Cowlitz County Treasurer – Payroll                   $2,500.00

Invoice #7316                  MPC Digital Solutions – Internet             $     10.00

Invoice L118581                State Auditor – Audit of 2015 F/S                  $   279.30


Motion to approve the voucher as presented: Sybil: second: Michael. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.


Payroll for the period December 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016 was $2,289.10, which includes the cost of the payroll and associated employer costs. Payroll processing charges were $84.99. As of December 31, 2016, the balance in the checking account used solely for payroll and payroll processing was $8,762.39.


-Cabaret Follies of Lower Columbia Donation Opportunity. The Network was selected as the beneficiary of the 2016 Cabaret Follies. Performances were on November 4 and 5. According to the Cabaret Follies Board, the final accounting of expenses still has not been completed. To date, the Network has received $141.71 from the sale of t-shirts. Another $250.00 has been designated for the Network, but not yet received. Additional funds are expected and we should know the final amount before the next Board meeting.


-Anonymous Private Donation. The Network received $10,000 to provide Financial Literacy Training to people who have damaged their relationship with a financial institution. Training will begin for women inmates at the jail. Due to icy weather, the training start date was delayed but will begin on January 18. Training will be conducted every Wednesday afternoon. The Network greatly appreciates the donation. Status reports will be provided at Network Board meetings beginning in February.


-RFP for Behavioral Health Programs. The Cowlitz County Human Services Department is seeking proposals for services focused on behavioral health service gaps and must address one of five key recommendations identified in the Behavioral Health Gap Analysis Report. The Network’s proposal will address the recommendation: Develop more diverse services for at-risk youth. Proposals are due January 20; notification of awards is scheduled for February 14. The period of performance is March 1, 2017 through February 28, 2019. The Network is collaborating with Children’s Home Society on the proposal. Board members reviewed and discussed the DRAFT proposal and offered suggestions for improvement.

ACTION: Finalize and submit the Network proposal in response to the RFP for Behavioral Health Programs. (Sharon)


NWHF Implementation Grant:

The NWHF Grant funding period ends on December 31, 2016. The final NWHF report is due on January 31. The report requirements include feedback on the results of our work, how the work will be sustained and invites a request for a no-cost extension if that is appropriate.  Network Board members reviewed a DRAFT response and provided their input. They concurred that a no cost extension would be useful for the Network to complete work that had been planned but not yet accomplished. Board members agreed we should continue our work and focus on the following actions for the next six months:

  • A retreat to be held with the 35 Community Charter member organizations to review successes and opportunities. The focus will be on continuing the momentum and sustaining the work.
  • A follow on Town Hall meeting to be held in spring to continue the What If… conversation on how residents and others can help the South Kelso Neighborhood and community improve.
  • Work with home based child care providers to help them and parents learn more about how to communicate and interact with children with behavioral issues and disabilities, and to increase family engagement and participation in their children’s learning and success.
  • An Adverse Childhood Experiences/NEAR Training event.
  • Collaborate with the Longview and Kelso School Districts to provide Compassionate Schools Training for Guidance Counselors and Behavior Specialists and possibly include a review of Paper Tigers or Resiliency. This is an initiative of a Community Coalition that was formed after the showing of Paper Tigers.

ACTION: Complete and submit the final NWHF report, including a request for a no-cost extension. (Sharon)

ACTION: Begin the planning process for one or more of the events discussed above. Report to the Board at the next meeting. (Sharon)


Review/Feedback on Events:

-Report Card Meeting, Jan 9. Meeting rescheduled to Jan 23, US Bank.

-Neighborhood Resource Coordination Council, Jan 11. Meeting will be rescheduled due to weather.

-Community Resource Providers, Jan 12. Meeting rescheduled for March.

What If……., Jan 13. Meeting rescheduled to Jan 20, Sheriff’s Office.


Upcoming Events:

-Healthy Living Collaborative meeting, Feb 1, 1-3pm, PUD. Dr. Larry Sherman, Professor of Neuroscience will be guest speaker.

-“40 for 2020” Reunion Event, Feb 1, Expo Center

-Homeless Connect, Jan 27, Fair Grounds.

-Human Trafficking Awareness Training, CCCSEC Task Force, Jan 27, 1-4pm.

-Run the Path, May 6, seeking sponsors and exhibitors, Lions Shelter, Lake Sacajawea.

ACTION: Email information about the upcoming events to Board members. (Sharon)



ACTION: Finalize and submit the Network proposal in response to the RFP for Behavioral Health Programs. (Sharon)

ACTION: Complete and submit the final NWHF report, including a request for a no-cost extension. (Sharon)

ACTION: Begin the planning process for one or more of the events discussed above. Report to the Board at the next meeting. (Sharon)

ACTION: Email information about the upcoming events to Board members. (Sharon)


Next Meeting: February 15, 2017

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