Money Smart Graduates

Money Smart Graduates 12/14/2017

The Cowlitz Community Network partnered with Lower Columbia CAP and Mint Valley Federal Credit Union to provide Money Smart Training at the Highlands Community Center. There were six sessions and the graduates attended every one of them. The training addressed opening a bank account, setting financial goals, borrowing, saving to pay for college and cars, and renting or buying a home. There was great dialogue among all participants and everyone learned something, including the instructors. Mint Valley Federal Credit Union gave a $25.00 savings account for all who completed the training. Linda Brigham, one of the participants, shared on Facebook “Finished up — Graduation, the Money Smart class this afternoon. Thank you to all the agencies partnering to provide a great learning opportunity – Mint Valley Federal Credit Union, Lower Columbia CAP, Cowlitz County Community Network, and Longview Highlands Neighborhood Association. Was a way for kids, and us adults, to learn how to save money. Look forward to future classes.” Other classes are being planned.

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