Board Minutes: September 19, 2018: 11:30 – 12:52PM

Cowlitz County Community Network

Board Meeting

September 19, 2018, 11:30 – 12:52PM


Present: Board members Michael O’Neill, Kay Gunter, Olivia Aumiller, Louise Brown, Tim Krueger, and Sharon Weinhold, Coordinator. Guests were Jake Alabiso, Kelso School District, who is leading a new Social Emotional Learning Program; Shannon Cahoon and Shantelle Davidson, Fibre Federal Credit Union, partners in the Financial Literacy training; and Jackie Tarango, BSN student shadowing at Youth and Family Link.


Excused: Pastor Megan Filer, Ray Van Tongeren, Tabatha O’Brien


Unexcused: None


Quorum: Yes


Welcome and Introductions: Michael welcomed the Board members and guests and thanked them for their attendance and participation. Introductions were made around the room.


Additions to the Agenda: None


August 22, 2018 Minutes: The minutes had been sent to Board members for their review prior to the meeting. The six actions listed in the meeting minutes were reviewed. All actions were completed.

Motion to approve the August 22, 2018 Network Board meeting minutes as presented: Kay: second: Louise. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.


Grant Status Report / Budget Update:

Current Grants Status:

-Financial Literacy Training ($10,000). This funding for Financial Literacy Training will be available for one year through June 30, 2019 and can be used for training at-risk youth and families who live in poverty or have very low incomes, are homeless or at risk of homelessness, or are financially vulnerable. Several trainings have been scheduled and other training opportunities are being pursued. Amount expended through August 31, 2018 is $1,020; the amount reimbursed is $360.


-Behavioral Health Grant Help for At-Risk Youth with Behavioral Issues in Child Care, ($27,000). This funding was approved on August 29, 2017 and is available through June 30, 2019. The goal of this funding is to help children with behavioral challenges in child care by providing training to child care providers, linking the children’s families to resources that can help their children, and offering technical assistance for child care providers who serve children with behavioral challenges. Amount expended through August 31, 2018 is $13,641; amount reimbursed is $11,791.


Approval of Expenditures: The Itemized Voucher amounting to $3,270.90 was presented to the Network Board for review and approval. The bills presented were:

Invoice #423-2018      Cowlitz County Purchasing Svc, Phone, June 2018                    $       15.33

Invoice #488-2018      Cowlitz County Purchasing Svc, Phone, July 2018                     $       18.01

Invoice #2018 10T       Cowlitz County Treasurer – September payroll/processing        $  2,500.00

Invoice #2018 6           Sharon Weinhold/Book Club Books & Conference Registration $     737.56

Motion to approve the voucher as presented: Louise: second Olivia. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.


Payroll for the period August 1, 2018 through August 31, 2018 was $2,044.13, which includes the cost of the payroll and associated employer costs. Payroll processing charges were $53.29. As of August 31, 2018, the balance in the checking account used for payroll and payroll processing was $2,281. All other Network funds are held with the Cowlitz County Treasurer’s Office.


On September 13, the Network received $600 from the Longview Early Edition Rotary Club Foundation to purchase books for the Conscious Discipline book club. The books have been ordered for the first book club meeting on September 27. The Network is awaiting decisions on other grant applications.


On August 30, the Network received an invoice for $278 from the Cowlitz County Auditor’s Office for Auditor Services, which was clarified as being for Accounts Payable Services. After it was later determined that the number of transactions is small and the majority are to the County, the invoice was cancelled.


Financial Literacy Training:

-Grant Details. The Financial Literacy Grant funding provides training for at-risk youth and families who have very low incomes, are homeless or at-risk of being homeless, or are financially vulnerable. The training topics can include Bank on It, Setting Financial Goals, Borrowing Basics, Saving for Cars/College/Housing and more depending on the audience. The plan is to conduct five 4-part training series and five other financial literacy trainings and reach 200 at-risk youth and families.

-Trainings have been scheduled with the Department of Corrections for inmates re-entering society. The trainings are scheduled for September 21, September 26, September 28 and October 5 at Larch, Shelton, Cedar Creek and Stafford Correction Centers. An additional training will take place for those returning to Cowlitz County at the time of their release. The trainings are being conducted in partnership with Lower Columbia CAP and Fibre Federal Credit Union.

-Trainings have been scheduled for Foster youth and will begin on October 4.

-Conversations are underway to provide training for students at Coweeman and Huntington Middle Schools.


Behavioral Health Grant:

The Behavioral Health Grant funding provides technical assistance and training for child care providers who serve children with behavioral needs, and offers training and resources for family members who have children with behavioral challenges. The plan is to reach 2,000 children and 200 child care providers in child care centers and home care in Cowlitz County and to improve the ability of the child care providers and family members to meet the special needs of these children.


Training for Sunday School teachers is scheduled for Tuesday, October 2, 5:30pm–7:00pm at Head Start. The training flyer was sent to the President of the Ministerial Association for distribution to area church leaders, Sunday School teachers and volunteers. Louise attended the Ministerial Association meeting on September 18 to remind them of the training and answer any questions. A second training may be scheduled for early November during the day if there is interest.


Network Board members participated in Youth and Family Link’s Back to School Event on August 23. The Network shared information on successful approaches for working with children. Over 40 families signed up to receive emails with information on ways to work with children and help them succeed. Kay, Louise and Sharon will attend and host an information table at the Infant through Kindergarten Conference on Saturday, October 13.


The Network continues to explore opportunities to reach and engage families. Jackie asked if the Network has linked to primary care providers at Kaiser, Peace Health, Family Health Center, etc. She also said that due to time and transportation constraints, schools or child care centers may be the optimum place to reach families. Olivia added that providing a meal could help. Louise suggested that asking child care providers and teachers participating in the Conscious Discipline Book Club for their ideas might be helpful. It was mentioned that engaging families is a key topic for the Infant through Kindergarten Conference and presentations and interactions with other attendees could yield other ideas.

ACTION: Follow up on the ideas for engaging families and report back at the next Network Board meeting. (Sharon)


The Network in partnership with Head Start has formed a Conscious Discipline book club in response to childcare provider requests to continue the conversation on Conscious Discipline. The book chosen for the book club is Conscious Discipline Building Resilient Classrooms, by Dr. Becky Bailey, a world renown early childhood educator and developmental psychologist. The book has been ordered and child care providers and teachers are signing up to participate. The first meeting of the Conscious Discipline book club is scheduled for September 27.


A survey on Developmental Screening has been completed. The Network is interested in whether childcare providers have a policy to ensure every child receives developmental screening; when the screening is conducted; if follow up screenings are done; what screening tools are used; and how children and families are supported if concerns are identified. The survey results show all Child Care Centers conduct developmental screening, most conduct screening at enrollment and do follow up screening, use several different approved screening tools and meet to share results with parents or family members. If concerns are identified, child care providers work with parents or family members to find the resources and support needed to help the child. Survey results show many In Home Child Care providers do not have a policy to ensure the children receive developmental screening. Some providers located in Longview rely on the Progress Center or Broadway Center to conduct screening; others do not do formal screening. A meeting has been scheduled for September 21 with Progress Center and Kelso School District personnel to see how they could help.


Sharon met with Maka Chee, new program officer with the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington.  Maka will be spending one day a week in Longview and reached out to learn more about the Network and the Training for Child Care Providers who work with children with behavioral challenges in childcare. Maka is very interested in the work and offered her support. A press release was published in The Daily News on September 4, announcing the grant of $25,000 and thanking the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington for their support.


Case for Support: The purpose of the Case for Support is to introduce the Cowlitz Community Network to the community, show the primary activities the Network is working on and request support. Board members reviewed the DRAFT Case for Support and made a number of recommendations to improve it. Those changes will be made and the Case for Support will be included on the October agenda.

ACTION: Include the revised Case for Support on the agenda for the October Board meeting. (Sharon)


Review/Feedback on Events:

-Back to School Event, August 23, Youth and Family Link. Great event, met many families and made new contacts. Over 40 family members signed up to receive information that can help children be successful in school and later in life. Jackie remarked that she was amazed at how many resources are available in our community. She said she was not aware of the Community Resource Directory.

ACTION: Provide the Community Resource Directory website to Board members and guests. (Sharon)


-Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2018 Culture of Health prize winners were announced. The write-ups on the winners are excellent and link closely with the work we are doing at the Network and in the community. Board members were encouraged to take a look.

ACTION: Provide the RWJF website address to Board members and guests. (Sharon)


Upcoming Events:

-Film, Raising America, September 20, 6-8:30pm, LCC Health & Science Building

-Discovery Run/Walk to support National Recovery Month, September 22, Lake

-Movie, Paper Tigers, hosted by the Kelso SD, September 25, Kelso Theater Pub

-Conscious Discipline Book Club, September 27, 6:30-8:00pm, Head Start

-Training for Sunday School Teachers/Volunteers, October 2, 5:30pm, Head Start

-Infant to Kindergarten Conference, Saturday, October 13, all day



ACTION: Follow up on the ideas for engaging families and report back at the next Network Board meeting. (Sharon)

ACTION: Include the revised Case for Support on the agenda for the October Board meeting. (Sharon)

ACTION: Provide the Community Resource Directory website to Board members and guests. (Sharon)

ACTION: Provide the RWJF website address to Board members and guests. (Sharon)


Next Meeting: October 17, 2018

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