Board Minutes: July 17, 2019: 11:30-1:11PM

Cowlitz County Community Network

Board Meeting

July 17, 2019, 11:30 – 1:11PM

Present: Board members Kay Gunter, Olivia Aumiller, Tim Krueger, Ray VanTongeren and Sharon Weinhold, Coordinator. Guests were Amanda Davis, Cowlitz County Health Department; Zaheen Khan, Fibre Federal Credit Union; Corie Dow, Youth and Family Link; and Marv Kasameier, Pastor, New Song Worship Center.

Excused: Michael O’Neill, Tiffany Ames, Louise Brown, Pastor Megan Filer

Unexcused: none

Quorum: Yes

Welcome and Introductions: Kay welcomed the Board members and guests. Introductions were made around the room.

Additions to the Agenda: None

Network Board Membership: Zaheen Khan, Financial Education Coordinator at Fibre Federal Credit Union, submitted an application to become a member of the Network Board. Zaheen is new to this area, has broad experience in banking and finance and has been providing financial literacy training for young people and adults. He has partnered with the Network in the past on training and plans to continue to do so in the future. Zaheen likes the area and wants to contribute to the community.

June 19, 2019 Minutes: The Board meeting minutes were sent to Board members for their review prior to the Board meeting. The six actions listed in the meeting minutes were reviewed and discussed. All actions were completed.

Motion to approve the June 19, 2019 Network Board meeting minutes as presented: Tim; second: Olivia. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Grant Status Report / Budget Update:

Current Grants Status:

-Financial Literacy Training ($10,000). This funding for Financial Literacy Training was available for one year through June 30, 2019 and was used for training at-risk youth and families who live in poverty or have very low incomes, are homeless or at risk of homelessness, or are financially vulnerable. Amount expended through June 30, 2019, $10,000; amount reimbursed, $9,357.

-Behavioral Health Grant Help for At-Risk Youth with Behavioral Issues in Child Care ($27,000). This funding was approved on August 29, 2017 and was available through June 30, 2019. The goal of this funding was to help children with behavioral challenges in child care by providing training for child care providers, linking the children’s families to resources that can help their children and the family, and offering technical assistance for child care providers who serve children with behavioral challenges. Amount expended through June 30, 2019 is $27,000; amount reimbursed is $26,081.

-Draw the Line ($750). This funding will be used to host a Town Hall Meeting to Prevent Underage Drinking within the 2019 calendar year.

Approval of Expenditures:

The Itemized Voucher amounting to $3,109.12 was presented to the Network Board for review and approval. The bills presented were:

Invoice #235-2019      Cowlitz County Purchasing Svc, Phone, May 2019                     $     16.05

Invoice #2019 8T        Cowlitz County Treasurer, July payroll/processing                   $3,000.00

Invoice #8982             More Power Technology Group, Yrly Internet Subscription       $     93.07

The Network received a quote for the Professional and General Liability Insurance required for our Financial Literacy and Behavioral Health grants. The quote is for $895, slightly less than last year. The premium will be paid in July.

Payroll for the period June 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019 was $2,507.56, which includes the cost of the payroll and associated employer costs. Payroll processing charges were $54.66. As of June 30, 2019, the balance in the checking account used for payroll and payroll processing was $3,213. All other Network funds are held with the Cowlitz County Treasurer’s Office.

Motion to approve the voucher as presented: Olivia; second: Zaheen. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Financial Literacy Training:

-Grant Details. The Financial Literacy Grant funding provided training for at-risk youth and families who have very low incomes, are homeless or at-risk of being homeless, or are financially vulnerable. The training topics included Bank on It, Setting Financial Goals, Borrowing Basics, Saving for Cars/College/Housing and more depending on the audience.

-During the grant period, the Network completed nine training series and five single trainings for 259 participants (indicated in brackets [] for each training), including Cascade MS [23], Monticello MS [21], Coweeman MS [24], Huntington MS [23], Foster Kids transitioning out of Foster Care [10], and the 4 State Corrections Centers [69]. Single trainings were completed for Foster Parents [8], Life Works Life Skills Class [33], Peace Health Mentored Teens [12], STEPS Program students [24] and in the Highlands. [12].

-The Network has been notified that it will receive follow on funding, amount still not certain, to continue the training. The contract is being processed. The time period for the new funding will be July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

-By invitation, the Network participated in Resource Fairs at Lower Columbia CAP on June 20 and July 11. Resource Fairs are held every Thursday, from 2:30 – 3:30pm. Attendees are those seeking resources at CAP and other organizations.

-The Network is scheduled to present Money Smart “Money Matters”, which discusses setting financial goals and creating a spending plan, at Lower Columbia CAP on July 19 and August 12. The Network is working with Columbia Wellness to schedule a time to present financial literacy training for their clients.

Behavioral Health Grant:

-Grant Details. The Behavioral Health Grant funding provided technical assistance and training for child care providers who serve children with behavioral issues, and offered training and resources for family members who have children with behavioral challenges.

-During the 2-year grant period, the Network completed ten training sessions at various locations in Longview and Kelso to 193 participants (indicated in brackets [] for each training), including Three Rivers Christian [24], Kelso United Methodist Presbyterian Church [12], Faith Family Christian Center [28], Conscious Discipline [21], Conscious Discipline [24], Conscious Discipline Deeper Dive [25], Training for Sunday School Teachers in Longview [21], Training for Childcare Providers, teachers and families in Castle Rock [16], WeeCare Daycare directors [12], and YMCA childcare staff ([10]. Every Childcare Center and most home care providers had staff attending the training. In addition 31 people participated in a Family Event. A Conscious Discipline book club, formed at the request of the training participants to continue the learning, met monthly from September 2018 through May 2019. Emailed 47 Best Practices to childcare providers and family families. Topics ranged from helping children build self-control, calm themselves, develop confidence, build relationships, and improve problem solving to conscious discipline techniques such as noticing, giving choices, planning routine and structure, tools for problem-solving and ways to promote self-esteem.

-The Network received notice that Behavioral Health Grant funding will continue at a reduced level, amount still not certain, for another two year period. The contract is being processed. The time period for the new funding will be July 2019 through June 2021.

-The Network has been invited to present Conscious Training to CASA staff and volunteers on either August 13 or 22. The Cowlitz Tribe is interested in Conscious Discipline training for their childcare staff, and the New Song Worship Center expressed interest in Conscious Discipline training for Lexington area residents.

Community Charter Meeting:

-Feedback from participants of the June 6 Community Charter meeting suggested more frequent meetings. As a result, the next meeting has been scheduled for October 3, 10-11:30am, to be held in the County Administration Building, 3rd floor meeting room. Notes and results from the June meeting and a SAVE THE DATE email has been sent to all Community Charter members.

-Corie presented feedback from the meeting she attended with the members of United for Children, which is trying to find ways to help children with immense behavioral health needs. Because resources are not available in our community, they often are sent out of the community for help. When they return, there is not enough support in our community. United for Children met in June for a ½-day session to review and agree on their goals. They agreed they want to find creative things they can do in our community to help these families and children.

-The group decided a support group for parents with children with severe mental and behavioral challenges is something that is important and could happen in the near term. Corie reported that a curriculum has been developed that calls for a 10-week training for parents. The curriculum includes information on local resources, self-care, family safety, relationship building within the group and more.  Pre and post testing will be included to gather data to assess results. Right Response training will be offered and days/times for the training will be set. The cost of a 10-week training curriculum is estimated at $2000. It was determined that it would be helpful to include a 10-week training for childcare providers.

ACTION: Email the support group proposal to the Network. (Corie)

ACTION: Set up Right Response training for parents and those who work with children with severe behavior challenges. (Tiffany)

Draw the Line: The Network received an invitation from Pathways 2020 to host a health forum this summer to get a grass-roots impression of health services in our area. The feedback from the forum and six other similar forums will help to plan a second round of forums that address improvements to care coordination and integration, prevention and mitigation of Adverse Childhood Experiences, improvements to health care access, prevention and management of chronic care, and enhancement of economic and educational opportunities. As host for the initial forum, the Network is required to send out invitations to 6-10 participants, facilitate the forum, and submit written notes on the forum NLT September 20. The Network will receive $200 and participants will receive a $10 gift card in appreciation for their input. Pathways 2020 asked to meet with hosts to provide additional details about the process.

ACTION: Schedule a meeting with Pathways 2020 to discuss details about the health forum to be held NLT September 20. (Sharon)

Review/Feedback on Events:

-CASA Reunification Event, June 27. The Network hosted an information table at this event.

Upcoming Events:

-CAP Resource Fair, every Thursday, 2:30-3:30pm, CAP

-FYSPR, third Tuesday of every month, 4:30 – 6pm, Youth and Family Link

-Wallace Elementary School Back to School Night, August 13, 5pm

-Youth and Family Link Back to School Event, August 22, 10-12pm

-Kalama Elementary School Back to School Event, August 27, 4-6pm

-Early Learning Conference “Deep Dive Into Early Learning,” Oct 5, 8–4pm, LCC


ACTION: Email the support group proposal to the Network. (Corie)

ACTION: Set up Right Response training for parents and those who work with children with severe behavior challenges. (Tiffany)

ACTION: Schedule a meeting with Pathways 2020 to discuss details about the health forum to be held NLT September 20. (Sharon)

Next Meeting: August 21, 2019

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