Cowlitz Community Network Board Meeting 

Wednesday, March 15th, 2023 | 12:00PM – 1:00PM 


Present:  Michael O’Neill-Chair, Louise Brown, Kay Gunter, Corie Dow-Kramer 

Absent: Laurie Severson, Jeane Conrad 

Staff Present: Rochelle Fassold 

Introductions and Icebreaker:  What is your favorite Spring flower? 

Additions to Agenda–    

Consent Agenda 

Consent Agenda documents were sent to members for review prior to the meeting. 

  • 02-2023 CCN Minutes (draft) 
  • 03-2023 Treasurer’s Report 
  • 03-2023 Red Canoe statement  
  • 2021 Audit Invoice 

Motion: Corie motioned to approve the Consent Agenda as presented, Kay seconded, and the motion carried

Old Business  

  • Update on Luggage of Love-Non-profit transition 
  • The treasurer is working on finishing the process and Corie will give us an update as soon as she can 
  • Firstenburg grant application submitted on 2/27/2023-  Grant award decisions will be made by April 2023 
  • Request for Proposal follow-up discussion: 
  • Rochelle to create a rough draft one-page proposal for a Conscious Discipline book club and trainings to present to community partners.  Rochelle to set up a meeting with Michael next week to go over the plan for the presenting the proposal.  

Community Events 

  • Participation in Celebration of Children-Week of the Young Child Resource Fair Friday, March 31st 1-7pm 
  • Volunteer schedule for resource table and story time attached 
  • Table resources and activities: 
  • Board agreed on having copies made of attached parent resource flyer and have a copy of the newsletter as example  
  • Board suggested using Poll Everywhere to survey parents on their biggest parenting challenges 
  • Rochelle will also bring a newsletter sign-up sheet with QR code that will include a box to check if they are interested in attending a book club (Bring Conscious Discipline books to show parents) 
  • Emotion card sort activity is assembled, and Rochelle will also purchase paper plates for kids to draw on and stickers for table  

Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 19th , 2023 12-1pm