May 2023

Cowlitz Community Network Board Meeting 

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 | 12:00PM – 1:00PM 


Present:  Michael O’Neill-Chair, Louise Brown, Kay Gunter, Laurie Severson, Jeane Conrad 

Absent: Corie Dow-Kramer 

Guests:  Selah Mitchell 

Staff Present: Rochelle Fassold 

Introductions and Icebreaker: 

Additions to Agenda–    

Consent Agenda 

Consent Agenda documents were sent to members for review prior to the meeting. 

  • 04-2023 CCN Minutes (draft) 
  • 05-2023 Treasurer’s Report 
  • 05-2023 Red Canoe statement  

Motion: Jeane motioned to approve the Consent Agenda as presented, Kay seconded, and the motion carried

Grant Status Reports 

FFN Support Program- Firstenburg Grant 

  • Participants signed up: 3 caregivers, 4 children 
  • Review and discuss FFN Program Summer Schedule  
  • Have 2 volunteers at each playgroup/book training to help with children.  Reach out to Seth at CDM for help with getting background checks for high school volunteers. Rochelle to draft childcare guidelines/liability waiver for caregivers to sign 
  • Rochelle to draft a short demographic, pre-assessment form for caregivers to fill out at first playgroup 
  • Rochelle to complete schedule/playgroup agenda and set up work session with Michael next week 
  • Selah volunteered to facilitate the Managing Emotional Mayhem book clubs 

Old Business 

  • Update on Non-profit transition: Rochelle to email Corie about setting up transition board meeting in June 
  • Purchasing Network cell phone service 

Community Events 

  • Louise attended the Accessible Communities Advisory Committee meeting at the Longview library with Jacob Cole and will share the flyer with Rochelle.  Also, there will be a new Fuller Economic Development Center at the Library. 
  • Laurie shared save the date info for the Early Learning Conference on October 8th: Rochelle to include in the June network newsletter 

Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 28th 2023, 12-1pm