Cowlitz County Child Care Access Report

What does access to child care mean for you?

How does access to quality and affordable child care impact your family? Comment using the text box, add a photo, or record a video.

Resources for your family

Child Care Partnership Grant

Access to child care is imperative for the long-term success of our children and the health of our economy. The Cowlitz Community Network and members of the Cowlitz Community Charter are working together to develop an action plan to stabilize and expand child care capacity in our community.

Project Timeline

Survey Collection

Child Care Access Report

Call to Action

How can you help?

Businesses, friends, families, grandparents, neighbors, leaders, child care providers, school districts, and community organizations can all play a part in addressing our local child care crisis.

You can help by sharing information about the grant, taking the family survey and helping to prioritize projects to increase child care capacity in Cowlitz County. Sign up for more information.