The Cowlitz Community Charter was established through a consensus-based community process and is hosted by the Cowlitz Community Network. The Charter brings together a majority of community health and social service agencies who have established a common agenda to guide the work in the community and increase collaboration across sectors to achieve shared goals.

The overall objective of the Charter is to increase the capacity of agencies serving vulnerable children and their families to better meet their needs. The vision is that clinics, child care centers, agencies, and organizations – both public and private – will work together as a coordinated system to increase access and capacity to build resiliency in the lives of vulnerable families and children in Cowlitz County.

2020 Annual Agenda and Objectives

Since 2014 child serving agencies in Cowlitz County have been collaborating to understand the most pressing problems in our community for vulnerable children and to propose common sense strategies that multiple agencies can use to address identified gaps in our coordinated system of care.

We declare that in 2020 issues regarding child care are a critical priority, and that we must spread community awareness of the current support needs for children and families, and the effects that ripple outward across the system due to gaps in services. We are especially focused on the families of children with severe behaviors and those who support them.

Throughout the year all are encouraged to:

1) Contribute information towards a report on the magnitude and urgency of this problem and information on specific strategies to address the gaps that are present

2) Educate your colleagues and peers about the local child care crisis and local solutions that could help

3) Identify champions and advocates and connect them to activities organized through the Community Charter