Cowlitz Community Network

Status Report, May 20, 2020

The Network Board meeting for May 20, 2020 was not held due to COVID-19 and the “stay at home” requirement. This is a brief report of the actions that have occurred since the April 15 Status Report.

Status of Actions. One action still remains from the March 18 Board meeting. The action and status follows:  Action: Provide an outline of the report to spread community awareness of the current support needs for children and families, and the effects that ripple outward across the system due to gaps in services. (Michael)  Response: Michael has not provided the outline yet. [This is for the CFSSW grant.]

Grant Status Report.

Cowlitz Community Network Funds Report, 5/20/2020
Bank Account        $2,6884/30/2020
Treasurer      $68,6854/30/2020
End Date6/30/20206/30/202112/31/2020
BH: Year 1, $12,100; Year 2, $10,800 

Expenditures. Expenditures were for March 2020 phone bill ($12.38) and payroll ($3,000.00). Network domain, hosting and Microsoft 365 renewals for the Network’s website are due in June. Estimated cost for all about $250. The Network’s liability insurance expires in early July; estimated cost $1000.

Audit of 2019 Financial Statements. We received notice on April 29 that the Office of the Washington State Auditor began their annual audit of the Network’s 2019 Financial Statements. The audit is expected to be completed within the next couple of weeks. The estimated cost is about $500.

Financial Literacy.

-Participated in a virtual meeting with County Commissioners on May 6 to share information about the Financial Literacy Grant which expires on June 30, 2020, discuss outcomes and request support for continued funding. The meeting was successful and the Commissioners agreed to fund the Network for Financial Literacy training in the amount of $10,000 for the period July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. A contract has been prepared and is going through the signature process.

-Prepared and sent three Financial Literacy emails to our contact lists. Two of the emails were trainings for older youth and included a lesson, activity and quiz. The third email was to parents about teaching teens about money. Response has been positive. ESD 112 has contacted us and asked if they could be added to the email list so they can share the emails with their providers. Compiled a list of elementary and middle school teachers in Longview and Kelso and will reach out directly to them to share the emails and offer Financial Literacy training for their classes during the next school year.

Behavioral Health.

-Sent four Behavioral Health best practice emails to the people on the BH email list. The emails, all relating to the current environment, include: Five Tips for Successful Home Learning, 75 Ways for Kids to Connect and Contribute, How to be a Safekeeper: Emotional Safety for Adults, and Coronavirus: How to Avoid Cabin Fever When Working from Home.

-Plan to reach out to Longview and Kelso school teachers to share the Behavioral Health emails.

Grant Opportunity. Prepared and submitted a grant application on April 23 to Washington State Department of Health for Community Outreach Funding Opportunity for those impacted by COVID-19. Would have thought we would have heard by now if the application resulted in funding as the grant funds are available only through July 31, 2020. Website says to expect to hear results by May 23.

Sharon Weinhold

Cowlitz Community Network